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Buy a 1969 non s.s. nova, change the decals and grill

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What is a nova ss clone?

One that purports to be an SS but isn't really.

What hood came on a 1970 Nova SS 350- Was it the stinger hood?

not sure what hood, but it was not the stinger hood. that hood was only put out on the Baldwin motion nova. i think it was only on the 69 nova from them and not on the 70 model.

Will a 1970 Chevy Nova SS grille fit a 1970 non-SS nova?


Did the 302 or the 305 come in the 69 nova?

The 69 Nova had the small block 302 c.i.e.

What motor came stock in a 77 nova ss?

there is no such thing as a 77 nova ss last year was 76 that had a 350

What is a Chevy ss clone?

Depending on what year it is, a clone is a base model car that has had the SS features added on to it. The features could be stripes, badges, emblems, or anything to make it ook like an SS model. Basically it is a fake SS.

How do you tell the difference between a nova ss and a nova?

As in Most SS cars, (which is short for Super Sport) There will be an SS badge on the radiator grille. Also, which should go with saying, the SS version has a higher performance.

How do you chage 1969 v6 nova to a v8?

The 69 Nova never had a V6

How can you tell if your Nova is an original SS?

usually the dash on the SS has all your gauges and not idiot lights.

Did chevy produce a ss nova in 71?

Yes they did.

Is a 73 nova ss have a black grill?


When is the next nova SS coming out?

Probably never.

How many 1976 Nova SS were made?


How do you clone Pokemon on ss and hg?

You may only clone Pokemon in Emerald, but you may own as may of the same Pokemon as you can (bearing storage space in mind). Therefore, you cannot clone Pokemon on "Pokemon Heartgold" (HG) or "Pokemon Soul Silver" (SS).

Does a 69 nova front end fit on a 73 nova front end?

Yes. No problem.

How can one identify an actual 1971 Nova SS from a 1971 Nova SS clone?

1971 was a tuff year for ss cars.most came with disc brakes on the front wheels and the ss can't tell by the vin number or plate on the fire came with bench seats or bucket seats,automatic and stick shift and column shifter or floor shifter.most ss came with a 12 bolt rear,but some also had 10 bolt rears.the last thing was a special handling package either f40 or f41 which was stiffer springs and sway bar,but you could buy this as an extra

How do you find out if your 1973 nova is a super sport?

Your car will have ss on it

Does a 72 nova SS come with a 307?


Did Chevy Offer SS Package On 19-79 Nova?

According to, 1976 was the last year to get an SS option for a Chevy Nova. 1979 had an rally package option.

What is the ring and pinon ratio for a 1969 nova 396?

In 69 you could get any gear ratio your heart desired, from 3.08 to a 4.56 if you wanted it so it would be hard to say what any ss out there had in it for sure.

How much do a 69 nova ss weigh?

3,310 pounds for the 3 speed manual & powerglide A/T. 3,330 pounds for the 4 speed manual. 3,340 pounds for the 3 speed hydromatic A/T.

What was the last year of the Chevy nova?

The RWD Nova compact's last year was 1979, the FWD Nova subcompact's last year (the Toyota Corolla clone) was 1988.

What is the difference between a 1965 nova and a 1965 nova ss?

heavier duty suspension, gauges, badging, ETC.

What was the performance of Chevrolet Nova 1971?

nova coupe ss 8 cylinder 270 hp 189 kph

Is it possible to clone in hg ss without action replay?

yes because i clone from hg to platuim a shymin by acsadnt but my bro did not mide

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