Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How do you clone in Ruby?

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It is Impossible to Clone on Pokemon Ruby. I for starters, have tried most ways of doing it, but saly enough, thee cloning rules only apply to emerald.

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How do you clone Pokemon on ruby?

You cannot clone on ruby.

How do you clone items in Pokemon Ruby?

can you clone pokeman & items in ruby

Can you clone Pokemon in Pokemon ruby and if so how?

You can't clone in ruby.

How do I clone Pokemon on ruby i tried this cheat but it doesnt work?

dude you can't clone in ruby or sapphire you can only clone in emerald. hope that helped!

How can you clone in Ruby?


Can you clone items in Pokemon ruby?

You can clone items in Pokemon Ruby. You can accomplish this by attaching the item to the Pokemon you are cloning.

Can you clone Pokemon in ruby version?


Can clone Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed to ruby?


Is there a clone cheat in Pokemon ruby?

no, only in emerald

How do you clone Pokemon on ruby version?

u cant

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon ruby version?

Sry to say it but you can't. You can only clone Pokemon in Emerald.

Can you clone Pokemon on ruby?

No ... you cant but u can clone Pokemon in emerald HOPE THIS HELPS!!!:P Keyur

How do you clone Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

You can't! Try emerald

How do you cloe Pokémon in Pokémon ruby?

You Can't Clone On Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. Only Emerald In The Battle Tower.

How do i clone a Pokemon in the ruby version?

1.say at petalburg ''abra kadabra'' 2.say at battle tower ''alakazam'' 3.clone

How do you clone Pokemon in Ruby?

you can't. only in emerald you can't. only in emerald

How do you get a ruby to clone Pokemon?

You can't only Emerald can.Yours Truly- yehthatisme

Can you clone Pokemon and items in ruby?

yes if people tell you u cant in ruby of sappire DONT BELIVE THEM i used to know how to do it and i had ruby look it up on you tube

How do you clone Pokemon in safire?

You Cannot Clone In Any Generation 3 game except in Pokemon emerald so you can't clone in Ruby Sapphire Fire Red Or Leaf Green Versions

How do you clone for Pokemon Ruby?

You probably can't unless you're playing a ROM on the computer.

How do you doulbe Pokemon in ruby version?

you cant but you could breed it or there is a way to clone on emerald

How do you get more TM digs in Pokemon ruby?

Have you ever tried the item clone code

How 2 get raqueza in Pokemon ruby version?

You can't get Rayquaza in Ruby or Sapphire unless you trade it. you can, if you know the cloning glitch for Emerald, clone your Rayquaza and trade one to your Ruby Version.

How do you clone a Pokemon in soul silver?

Well... u have a problem there, because the way you do it in solver/gold was fixed in ruby/sapphire... so you can no longer clone... sorry

How do you get 99 master ball in ruby?

Research how to "clone" Pokemon. After you know how to before you clone your Pokemon have them hold a item you want to be doubled (in your case) two master balls. Long but well needed

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