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How do you clone pokemon in the batle frontier?

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How do you clone your Pokemon?

there is a glitch in the battle frontier( after you verse wallace) in one of the buildings

Can you clone items in Pokemon emerald without the battle frontier?

no well maybe i am still trying to find out

What is the cheat a 99masterball?

Just clone a Pokemon holding a masterball at the battle frontier check pkmn cloning on youtube.

How do you beat Team Rocket in Pokemon Heartgold?

you batle them

How do you clone Pokemon in Pearl?

you can't clone your Pokemon but you can breed a Pokemon!

Can you clone a shiny Pokemon?

no you can not clone a shiny Pokemon

How do you clone in emerald?

to clone Pokemon in emerald,there are a few requirements. first you have to get to battle frontier after you beat the elite 4. then go to the battle frontier. go to the battle tower,the biggest building in battle frontier. go in. in the PC,put the Pokemon you want to clone in your party. (5 is the maximum to clone at a time.) then however many Pokemon your cloning, have that many empty PC boxes. put 1 Pokemon in each PC box. then save. go back in the PC and take them. then go to the nearest lady to the PC. she`ll ask you for a battle challenge. when it says "saving,do not turn off the power" turn it off. then the save file will be corrupted. that`s ok. then the Pokemon will be in your PC and party!

How do you clone your Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

you can not clone on Pokemon leafgreen. you can only clone on Pokemon gold silver crystal and emerald. sorry

Can you clone Pokemon that are holding Pokemon which clone the object?


Can you clone to get a shiny Pokemon?


Where do you clone your Pokemon at in emerald?

the battle frontier battle tower 1. go to battle tower 2. go to PC on the right 3. put the Pokemon you want to clone in the box 4. exit PC and save 5. withdrawl the Pokemon 6. go to the closest lady 7. when you are saviing reset the game 8. go to PC there is your clone

How do you clone Pokemon in emerald version Is it possible to have items cloned with it?

to clone a Pokemon go to the battle tower in the battle frontier(after you finnish the game) and put the Pokemon you want to clone in a box by its self and save the game. when you turn it back on take the Pokemon out then go to the lady at the counter closest to you and go to a open level then when she asks you to save say yes then when it sais are you shore you want to save go no then turn off the game. when you turn back on the Pokemon you cloned will be in your team and the box you put it before. to clone items simply get the Pokemon you are cloning to hold an item and it will clone the item too.

How do you clone a Pokemon if it has no sex?

the same way clone a Pokemon with a sex

Can you clone Girantina in Pokemon Diamond? can clone any Pokemon

Can you clone Pokemon in Pokemon ruby and if so how?

You can't clone in ruby.

How do you clone Pokemon on Pokemon Blue?

you can't, sorry, you can only clone on emerald.

Can you lose Pokemon if try to clone?

don't try to clone any Pokemon i tried to clone scitty and lost all of my Pokemon i lost 298

How do you get 2 Rayquazas on Pokemon emerald?

First u get a rayquazza then beat the elite four then go to battle frontier and go into the PC and do the clone glitch

Does the Pokemon Sapphire have a battle frontier?

No, Pokemon Sapphire Version does not have a Battle Frontier. However, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Platinum do have the Battle Frontier.

How do you clone Pokemon in leafgreen?

you can not clone in this gameyou can only clone in emerald version.No.You can, It's called birth. On 4 island, there is a daycare center. Put the Pokemon you want to "clone" with the same Pokemon of the opposite gender or a Ditto to "clone" it.

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon ruby version?

Sry to say it but you can't. You can only clone Pokemon in Emerald.

How do you clone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

put a ditto and the Pokemon u want to clone in the day care in 4 island, u cant clone legendary Pokemon.

Is a Hy Hunter Frontier Six Shooter a colt clone?


On Pokémon Gale of Darkness how do you clone your Pokémon?

You cannot clone Pokemon on Pokemon XD.

Clone Pokemon on Pokemon sapphire?

You can not