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IF you have a loan agreement and/or a TITLE in your name, you know where it is, can find it, go get it.probably need a KEY also. If its more complicated than that, get an attorney or call a repo company for advice. Good Luck

Cindy, thanks for the extra info. You can hire a real repo company to get the bike(MONEY) or you can use a trailer if you are quik and you are sure he is "BUSY". If ya need more info, email me. Stolen, Not if you call it in as a repo ASAP after leaving the area. LOL

2015-07-15 18:49:54
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Who should you contact if you purchased a motorcycle from a friend who signed the title and had it notarized but there is a lien on the bike when you went to do the transfer?

The friend is obligated to clear the title before attempting to sell it. A lien is a legal document that protects the lender. The lien is a notice of interest in a piece of property and gives notice of partial ownership. The banks interest in the property cannot be set aside until the note is paid. If the note is never paid the property can be taken by the bank in a process called reposession. If you or your friend do not pay for the loan on the motorcycle, the bank can take it back from you.

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