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Collection agencies - to attempt to recover the money from the individual. the CA will want to see the documentation showing goods/services were received (receipt) and that payment was not (declined card documentation with persons name on it).

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Q: How do you collect on a declined credit card when the customer refuses to return our collection phone call?
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What to do if the customer refuses about giving monthly evaluation?

sue them.

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Technically you can not collect unemployment if your school schedule interfers with any job opportunity.

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What should you do if you loan your CD collection to a friend and that person refuses to return it?

Call the police ,guards ,cops what ever it is in your counrty and supply them with a recipt of proof of purchase

What do executors do when beneficiaries refuse to collect chattels in England?

In England, chattels are goods capable of being transferred by delivery. If the beneficiary refuses to collect their inherited property then you should send it by currier to be delivered with a signed receipt and charge the cost to the estate for that service. Or, you should petition the court for guidance.

Can an estate collect debt?

Yes, in fact it is the obligation of the estate to collect all valid debts owed to the decedent. Debts owed to a decedent are considered assets of the estate. The estate's representative has authority to demand that all debts owed to a decedent be paid to the estate. If the debtor refuses to pay, the estate representative has legal power to sue to collect those debts if it has to do so.

If your finance company refuses to take back the vehicle after bankruptcy can you just leave it at the dealership?

Its done every day of the year. No. Even if the dealership would let you,(never happen)it is still your responsibility. Apparently the lender feels they can collect the debt by other means. Secured lenders have the option of negotiation or collection of the debt in full. Bankruptcy does not relieve you of secured debt, unless it is agreed upon by the lender.

What is effective collection?

A company should set a good credit terms and set-up also a good collection process. An invoice will be prepared right after each service. It will either be sent by mail or hand carried to the customer. The customer will be required to sign as a proof that the invoice was received with the date on it to avoid any dispute. It is the duty of the accountant to monitor the receivables, or else the cash flow will all be tied up by the level of receivables. Invoices falling under 30 days are considered as current. If the invoice is not paid according to the agreed terms, it will be considered as "past-due". A follow-up by phone is needed. Suppose the customer, failed to settle their obligations, a letter will be prepared as a reminder. If the customer still unable to settle after receiving the reminder, a final demand will be sent personally with supporting documents. If the customer refuses to settle, it will be referred to a collecting agency. The collecting agency will be responsible to follow-up. If the collecting agency still unable to collect the outstanding account by conventional means, the company will be forced to have the overdue account written off or will seek legal advice if legal action or lawsuit is necessary just to recover the money. Sometimes there are companies will be stopping their services to their customers until the account will be fully settled.

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If a collection agency refuses an arrangement what should the client do?

The debtor has no real options unless they want to consider filing bankruptcy to avoid a lawsuit. A creditor/collector does not have to adhere to any terms other than those that were outlined in the original lending agreement.

Can report car stolen if customer don't return the car rental?

Yes. If a customer refuses to return a rental car, the company may report it as stolen. The police will come looking for it (and you), and you may be charged with grand theft auto. The company will consider this an extreme step, and they will try to negotiate with you before doing this because it's a huge hassle for the company.

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