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Depends on the state and the terms of the purchase agreement. Hire an attorney and sue, if it makes sense in your situation. If not, in the future, use a realtor or attorney as the escrow agent. The risk is minimized since either would not be willing to lose their license over such things.

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Q: How do you collect your earnest money from a seller who claims he doesn't have it after the deal falls through and do you have any recourse?
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Small claims court.

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If you have sufficient proof, take him to small claims court.

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A car dealership cannot provide car on a signed purchase agreement. This is after they sold the original car I had put a down payment on. Two strikes. Any legal recourse for all the aggravation?

You can take action, however, it has to go through small claims

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To collect on checks that are drawn on a closed account, you have to take the check-writer to small claims court and get a judgment. The check is considered a contract.

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