How do you come down off cocaine?

I am a research engineer and I've read many articles on this topic when SWIM did it a handful of times with friends a many years ago. I agree with the first answer, and most of the second. Never mix drugs, especially with alcohol. If it doesn't kill you, it will degrade your liver and possibly cause a neurological imbalance. Mixing certain things can be far more dangerous than either alone in a variety of ways, and the amounts and frequency of use hit woman harder than men (smaller liver, less muscle). As for masturbation, it releases high levels of endorphins and other neurotransmitters, which normally act as a natural relaxant. However, they could interact with stimulants or a chemical product or metabolite of the drug. and cause anxiety and excessive stress on the heart, which is already being overworked either by the drug or the come down or both.

My advice: Time your high so that you come down about 2 hours after your normal bedtime or later. 1-3 mg of Melatonin is the safest, best option, with maybe a little pot if it doesn't normally ever make you anxious. Sublingual liquid or capsule forms of melatonin are much better than tablets for quick absorption. Vitamins and food help, too. A whole-food multi with a vitamin C chewable, a full spectrum B vitamin, and Calcium-magnesium-Vitamin D combo, and liquid Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 drops are all helpful for a positive mood and general recovery from any intoxication. Avoid TV; the cortisol release it causes can make you anxious. Stay positive and take care of yourself and recovery from cocaine should be restorative (no hangover).

Other options: Valerian root, meditation (if practiced), soothing music, shower, exercise if too early for sleep.

Additional usage tips: Overdoing things does not lead to a better overall experience in most cases, even if you might want to push it and it feels good in the moment. Stick to 2 lines to get going and 1-2 lines every half hour to an hour, depending on your size. Remember the higher you get, the higher the risk and the further you have to come down eventually, so taper off your use at the end, especially if your stash is limited. Try to spread them out and make the lines smaller.

WARNINGS: Cocaine causes brain lesions and destroys your nasal passages over time. The after effects will also get worse as use continues. After the downward spiral begins, your judgement and ability to stop using will decline with your other faculties. If you should find yourself not bouncing back quickly or you are moody the day after, you are doing too much or it is not the recreational activity for you at all. Also, this should go without saying, but never drive either during or after cocaine use until you are recovered. It is highly illegal and dangerous. Always treat any drug, legal or not, with care and consideration, like anything that has the power to kill or vegetize you.