How do you commit illegal acts?

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It should come as no surprise, but Answers does not provide information that will aid or support criminal activity.

Remember - staying safe online should be your priority while surfing the 'net. By removing illegal content, we are doing our part in keeping our community safe! :)

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How do you report acts of illegal immigration?

Report it to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, To report suspicious activity 1-866-347-2423. ICE does not accept nor act upon anonymous "tips" or reports, unless they correspond with information already on file. The person filing the complaint should be prepared to disclose their identity and ( Full Answer )

In any state is it illegal to commit suicide?

Well I don't think you can charge someone for killing themselves. __________________ That's true, but if you attempt suicide and live, as so many maimed unfortunate people do, then you can be charged for a lot of expenses. Suicide also nullifies life insurance policies, so it costs a lot more fo ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to commit suicide?

No it is not illegal to commit suicide...because you can not arrest a dead person and put them on trial for a crime.. It is however illegal to fail at committing suicide which is then called attempted suicide,such as if you over dose on aspirin and are taken to the hospital and they save your life ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to commit suicide in the us?

No, suicide has not been a crime in any US State in approximately 20 years. Those states where it was a crime then were exceedingly rare (only 2 of 50). Most had de-criminalized Note that an attempted suicide is near conclusive proof that you are a danger to yourself and will likely result in inv ( Full Answer )

Why do people commit evil acts?

Evil is a judgment we make on actions or events that happen. Evilis an invention we have made in order to better understand who weare and who it is we want to be. As we become more aware of who weare and what it is we want to be we begin to better understand thefabrication of evil and good and that ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to commit suicide in Texas?

Bottom line: If you commit suicide anywhere, you cannot get arrested, as a dead body is pointless to get arrested... BUT. others have said: Yes, suicide or attempted suicide is illegal in all 50 states. No... Suicide (the act of successfully ending your own life) is perfectly legal in all 50 ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to commit suicide in Washington?

NO, suicide is completely legal in all 50 states because you cant charge a dead person with a crime,you can not put a dead person on trial,you can not fine or imprison a dead person..However Attempted suicide is illegal in all 50 states...

What does commiting an act of voyeurism mean With sex?

A voyeur enjoys watching either an individual or multiple people without physically participating. That is the definition. But the question was about committing an act of voyeurism which kind of implies that to voyeur is a crime. As far as I am aware voyeurism is not a crime or if it is then we ar ( Full Answer )

Where is it not illegal to commit suicide?

i dont think that i can be illegal any where due to the fact that you would already be dead. But on that note i dont think this problem cant b solved and idk bout you but i dont wanna burn in hell

What illegal act did Samuel slater do?

Samuel Slater had runaway from Europe with textile mechanics memorized to give to America. It was illegal at the time for European people to go to America and give Industrial plans to them.

What are illegal acts?

smoking weed inside a police station, driving 200 mph on the wrong side of the road, killing a police officer and cutting his balls of, crashing in the WTC with an airplane, raping Amber Heard after killing Johnny Depp, etc. .

Is attempting to commit suicide illegal?

nope,not at all just a stupid decision to make Attempting to commit suicide is illegal in all 50 states,this means if you try taking your own life and you fail in the attempt such as surviving an overdose or a jump from a bridge or survive self mutilation,hanging ect they can charge you with a cr ( Full Answer )

What were the acts committed in the holcaust?

I am assuming you are talking about criminal acts. Only a few , kidnapping, murder, assault, robbery (they took over homes of the Jews and stole thousands of priceless artworks, only some of them have been found).

Is it illegal to commit suicide in us?

Suicide has historically been treated as a criminal matter in many parts of the world. Although a person who has successfully committed suicide might be thought to be beyond the reach of the law (since they are dead), there could still be legal consequences. The associated matters of assisting a sui ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal to commit suicide in the UK?

Suicide (and attempted suicide) were decriminalized in England and Wales in 1961, subject to the condition that one commits or attempts to commit suicide alone, without any assistance and without any joint 'suicide pact'. Suicide is not a crime in Scotland, either. Please see the links.

What illegal crime did Samuel Slater commit?

Samuel Slater committed the illegal crime of opening a metalworking business, even though British law forbid it. He was born inBelper, Derbyshire, in 1768.

Is it illegal to commit suicide in Australia?

No, it is not illegal. It used to be, and many believe that it still is. I found out last year that the law is no longer valid. In Australia the laws for suicide and attempted suicide varied for each state. It is no longer illegal to commit suicide or attempt suicide, except for the Northern T ( Full Answer )

What illegal act does Oedipus commit in 'Oedipus Rex'?

Murder and incest are the illegal acts that Oedipus commits in " Oedipus Rex " by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.). Specifically, Oedipus does exactly what he does not want to do: He kills his father and marries his mother. The killing is made more serious by the fact that Oedipus' father is al ( Full Answer )

Why do people commits act of terrorism?

Its all about perspective really "one persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter" some people believe in something so much that they raise awareness of the issue and protest - by commiting acts of terrorism (this is generally the result of radicalisation by fundamentalist groups) i as ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal in Canada to commit suicide?

Prior to 1893, suicide was prohibited in Canada, under common law. In 1893 Canada introduced its first Criminal Code, and made attempting suicide a crime. In 1972, attempted suicide was removed from the Criminal Code.

What acts are illegal or immoral?

An act might not be illegal OR immoral, it may be able to be both; illegal acts are things that are by law not allowed, so things like murder, rape, theft, speeding etc. the serious offences are immoral also. speeding is moral or immoral depending on the situation like if you are on the way to hospi ( Full Answer )

Who committed the first act of withdrawal in the Bible?

amon Answer: " Withdrawal " has a number of meanings these days: 1 ) the retreat of an army; 2 ) fighting an addiction; 3 ) taking money from the bank; and 4 ) taking something away or no longer taking part in something. In treating "firsts" in the Bible, you have to consider that bank ( Full Answer )

Why were the acts of genocide committed of the holocuast?

The Jews among others were a convenient scape goat for the politicians at the time to blame the peoples problems on. Scapegoating of this sort has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to unite people in a common cause. the recipe only calls for the persecution of a group that holds itsel ( Full Answer )

What acts of violence do the witches in Macbeth commit?

Actually, the 3 witches do not commit any acts of violence, in Macbeth. The Witches tell Macbeth of 3 prophesies, which make an enormous impact on him. The Witches represent darkness, chaos, turmoil, temptation and conflict. They manipulate Macbeth, to the point of not being able to recognize evil a ( Full Answer )

Who is currently committing acts of genocide in darfur?

Occasional and sporadic disturbance (though peace keepers arethere) by Sudani backed forces. UN must recognise the fact asGenocide, abandon Sudan, and have a recgnition of Darfur as FreeLand. And to implement that UN and Security Council members takeall possible actions.

What act of violence did the proslavery people commit?

They used the act of radical abolitionist (a small band of peopleunderthe leadership of john brown).They attacked a proslavery groupat Pottawatamie Greek in 1856, killin five proslavery.

What are acts necessary for crimes to be committed?

The necessary "elements" of a crime depend entirely upon the charge of the crime, but in most cases the acts must show not only the act itself (actus reus) but also evidence of a guilty mind (mens rea).

A law passed to punish someone for an act committed before the act was declared illegal is called a what?

An ex post facto law (from the Latin for "from after the action") or retroactive law is a law that retroactively changes the legal consequences (or status) of actions committed or relationships that existed prior to the enactment of the law. In reference to criminal law, it may criminalize act ( Full Answer )

What Sinful act was committed by King David?

1) Running a protection racket on his fellow Judaeans 2) His intended murder of Nabal (brought short by the efforts of Nabal's wife, Abigail) 2) Eating the "shewbread" from the altar, permitted only for the priests 3) His adulterous affair with Bath-Sheba 4) His attempt to cover up this affair, when ( Full Answer )

What acts of sex is illegal in US?

This varies widely between states since they all have their own laws and many are really old. I read that in Washington it's illegal to have sex in any other position than the missionary. I doubt anyone cares. Sodomy's legality also varies between states. In Minnesota it's illegal to have sex wi ( Full Answer )

What is Legal action to parents who encourage children to commit dangerous or illegal acts?

In criminal cases the most common laws against Adults who aide, encourage, or don't try to stop minors who would or did dangerous or illegal acts this is called "Contributing to the delinquency of minors." The penalties range from light to very severe if found guilty. Adults can also be charged with ( Full Answer )

Can you commit illegal crimes legally?

There are certain circumstances in which you can legally dosomething that would otherwise be illegal. For example, if youbreak down someone's door, that is normally illegal, but if you doit to rescue someone who is trapped inside a burning house, then itis legal.

What act of aggression did Hitler commit in 1936?

The re-occupation of the Rhineland, an area that had been demilitarized after World War I. The re-occupation of the Rhineland was a clear violation of the Treaty of Versailles. The French and British Armies should have attacked Germany for this, and brought the German chancellor to trial for war cri ( Full Answer )