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How do you compress the rear brake piston on a 1999 Holden Astra Vauxhall?

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Not familiar with this car but on some vehicles with disc brakes on the rear you have to rotate the piston clockwise whilst applying pressure on the piston to get it to retract.

Check the top of the piston for small holes or lugs as this is usually a sign that this has to be done as this is where the special tool locates in the piston to rotate and push it. These can be bought at most auto shops.

Firstly though try pushing it in with a set of long nose pliers whilst turning this may work if you have the patients and can handle a few scraped knuckles. Failing that its either having to fork out for the special tool or sending the car to the garage.

Most others types of pistons should simply retract back simply by levering it back taking care not to damage the disc unless it is ceased which can be sorted by yourself but if do not have a great knowledge of vehicle mechanics then this is best left to the professionals.


As above. The handbrake adjustor's mechanism is built into the caliper, and so you need to "screw" the piston back in. It can be done without the special tool, but is hard, and you risk damaging the adjuster mechanism if you get it wrong, which will either cause the rear brakes to not work, or to jam on.

2015-07-15 20:48:16
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