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1. Download Vidalia from

2. Install Vidalia - a TOR client with GUI.

3. Wait until Vidalia tells you that Tor is working.

4. Start Google Chrome.

5. Using the Tools menus (it looks like a wrench), choose options, "Under the hood". Scroll down to "Network" and click the "Change Proxy Setting" button.

6. Under the "Connections" tab, choose "LAN Setting" - Select Use Proxy server and enter "Localhost" and port 8118.

7. Save your work and return to the Chrome web browser. Check that you are using TOR by going to

A Green message will indicate that TOR is operating correctly. A Red message will indicate that TOR is not set up correctly.

8. Continue to surf using TOR

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Q: How do you configure Google Chrome to use TOR?
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How to configure google chrome to use tor?

Google Chrome can be easily configured by themes and more. Themes are there in the settings and advanced options.

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It is highly recommended (for security concerns) that, rather than using a standard browser to access Tor, you use the Tor Browser Bundle (available for download in the Related Linkssection below; click Apple OS X)

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The easiest way to configure Tor is to use the Vidalia front end ( You need to install Tor in order to use Vidalia. Vidalia can be used to start and stop Tor and to select certain specific network features. To configure your software to use Tor, you need to set up your computer to connect to a proxy at (which is a special IP address that directs to your local computer) and to use SOCKS4 or SOCKS5.

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