How do you configure a router?

Router Configurations

A network engineer can enter commands via the CLI environment in several ways. The most common are:

* Console

* Telnet or SSH

* AUX port

While the engineer is in Privileged EXEC mode, it will allow him/her to make changes to the router such as configuring the FastEthernet interface. After the router is configured, the engineer should show the running configuration and copy the running configuration to the startup configuration periodically to save changes.

The importance of having a specific hostname would divert confusion during network configuration and maintenance. When accessing a device using Telnet or SSH, its important to make sure that a name is attached. If all devices remained with the same default name, you couldn't identify that the proper device is connected. By choosing and documenting names wisely, it is easier to remember, discuss and identify network devices. It is good practice to create the naming scheme at the same time as the addressing scheme.

Passwords are the number one defense against unauthorized access to network devices. Every device should have locally configured passwords to limit access. The IOS uses hierarchical modes to help with device security to allow different access privileges.