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You don't. Scopes come sealed from the factory, with many models containing various gasses or vacuums. If your question is how to sight in a scoped rifle, most manufacturers of scopes can provide you with a copy of the paperwork that came with your scope. Each one is different.

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How create dhcp scope?

After installing the DHCP role, you configure a scope by giving it an IP address range, possible exclusions, and any scope options to be given out to clients. Then, you activate the scope, and you are done.

What do you initially need to configure on a DHCP server in order to give out IP addresses to clients?

a scope

How do you configure Wireless networking?

how to configure wireless networking

In kingdom hearts on ds how do you configure your shortcuts?

Under the configure menu. Personally, i found it easier to not configure at all

How does user configure vsat?

How does user Configure Vsat on computer?

What is the noscope song lyrics?

He got a no scope he didnt scope his gun no no, no scope was involved He got a no scope and now hes killed someone their dead he shot him in the head He got a no scope what a wondrous feat what a marvelous kill i concede What do you get when you get real stressed quickly pull the trigger and hope for the best call them a noob and hump their chest I think you just got a no scope And where did your daddy go He abandoned you when you were only seven years old And living on the streets is cold you beg for food and money You beg for food and love You beg for food and care again No no no no no no no no no no Scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope No no no no no no no no no no Scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope scope He got a no,no,no scope

What step can you take when you install a dchp server to ensure that ip addresses are only assigned by a dhcp server managed by a server administrator in your company?

After setting up one or more scope sof contiguous address ranges and activating each scope to configure your DHCP server, you must then authorize your server as a security precausion.

Can configure active directory in FAT32?

I think we can't configure AD in FAT32

Can you configure two dhcp server on a same network?

yes, one can configure two dhcp server on a same network. But for doing this, one has to define different scopes in both dhcp server in order to avoid ip address conflict. Eg. one can configure a scope for a lan with network address of as- in one dhcp server. while other scope would be . In this way we can have to dhcp servers on a same network. Which ever dhcp server receives the request for the ip address will provide the ip address. IN case for servers, one can use mac bindingin both servers so that they obtain same ip address

What are devices connected to host called?

Configure the router ID on both routers. Configure the R2 router interfaces for area 0. Configure a loopback interface on both routers. Configure the proper subnet masks on the router interfaces.

How do you configure yokogawa HIS in system view?

You can configure the Yokogawa HIS in system view through the enclosed system display. The control system will allow you to configure the system as desired.Ê

How do you Install and configure the printer on one of the PCs?

How do you Install and configure the printer on one of the PCs?

How do you configure a web server on Linux?

There are numerous web server packages available for Linux, each with their own method of configuration. For a more specific answer, please ask "How do you configure Apache web server?", "How do you configure Lighttpd?", "How do you configure TomCat?", etc...

Using the control panel to install dhcp configure and activate dhcp with a scope of?

DHCP has to be configured by using the DHCP snap-in MMC console. This is under the Administrative Tools once DHCP has been installed. In Windows Server 2008 you add the Role, so it isn't installed via the Control Panel at all. For configuring the scope, you need to specify the address ranges to give out, any exclusions, and scope options for default gateway, etc.

Where do you configure network adapters and protocols?

You configure them in the local network connection properties dialog box.

What does it mean to configure?

To edit something, for example, if you wanted to change the name of something, you would configure it.

How do you configure tally 7.2 on client site?

i want make purchase order in tally7.2, plz how configure it. I aslo configure but item name are not showing to select items for order.

Why Would 100BaseT be easier to configure than wireless in a home?

Why Would 100BaseT be easier to configure than wireless in a home? Why Would 100BaseT be easier to configure than wireless in a home?

How do you configure Gmail account with Apple iPhone?

You can configure the Gmail account via Gmail app. This app is specially made to configure accounts on Gmail. It has a very easy interface to use.

How do you configure Gmail account for outlook express?

You can configure a Gmail account to be set up on outlook. Outlook is a way to setup Gmail on desktop. Outlook can configure various accounts at a time.

What is the port used to initially configure a router?

COM port is used to configure a router but you can also get a COM port to USB port adapter which can configure a router using a USB port.

What to command files are used by DOS in configure a computer?

config.sys and auto exec.bat is used to configure a computer

Can we configure airtel gprs settings on sigmatel s958?

Can we configure Airtel GPRS settings on SIGMATEL S958

How can configure RIS Server 2008?

In windows 2008 you can install 7 configure WDS not RIS support.

What is a noun for configure?

The noun form for the verb to configure is the gerund, configuring. A related noun form is configuration.