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First of all, remember the rage is not about you, it is about the narcissist. Everything is always about the narcissist. Once you operate from that standpoint it is easier to deal with the issue at hand. Do not try to reason or explain anything in hopes to calm the narcissist, this will likely only draw you further criticism and confrontation. Essentially, without obviously backing down and providing another opportunity for enragement, defuse by accepting the narcissists view for the moment. I am not saying you should actually agree, but for the sake of the moment, agree with the key points without appearing condescending. As soon as possible, remove yourself from the situation and remind yourself that a narcissist lives in an imaginary world of their own making, and within that world there is often no room for logic or another's viewpoint. It's not personal, even though it can feel exquisitely personal, it's about THEM. THEY cannot tolerate feeling whatever they are confronting - lack of control, embarrassment, boredom, etc. If you are a close intimate of a narcissist you provide the role of easy target for many varied disappointments. Have you noticed how you are suddenly quite powerful, somehow causing events not even remotely connected to you? Sure sign you are the whipping-person of a narcissist. Do not think you can change this person. You cannot. Get away while you are still sane.

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Q: How do you confront a narcissistic rage?
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What is the difference of narcissistic personality disorder and narcissistic rage?

Narcissistic rage is part of NPD. I don't know enough to properly explain it but you should Google NPD and you will learn a lot.

Is narcissistic rage good or bad?

Rage is never good.Rage is never good.Rage is never good.Rage is never good.

What happens when you Thwart a narcissists plans midstream?

They find another way... and smear you. Narcissistic Rage kicks in.

Was Adolf Hitler a narcissist?

yes he had a npd, including narcissistic rage, malignant, avoidant, and schizoid features

What medication did Charlie Bailygates use in the movie Me myself and Irene?

advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage

What mental condition causes fits of rage?

narcissistic rage That is one but there are others. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Mania, Depression, there are many. I would recommend a professional looking at the pattern in the instances of rage before anyone is hurt.

What were the narcissistic traits of Elvis Presley?

Narcissistic rage when feeling humiliated. Priscilla reveals in her autobiography how stunned she was whenever she playfully threw a pillow at him or slapped him - he beat her up in a frenzy. This is classic narcissistic behaviour of one who is generally regarded by outsiders to be a "really nice guy."

How do you confront a manipulator?

You do not have to confront a manipulator at all if you do not want too. You already know the person is a manipulator and they have narcissistic traits so don't worry about hurting their feelings. Either stop seeing them and do not have any contact with them or, be honest when you confront them and let them know their manipulating methods do not work on you and you no longer want anything to do with them.

Is it better to cause narcissistic injury by ignoring a narcissist and treating him with indifference or by sending him a poem where I criticize his skills?

In my research I have learned that the recommended approach is to ignore intead of confront. Confrontation will only invoke more rage through projection against you. The best you can hope for is that he will replace you quickly with another and leave you alone. After that you can start anew.

How do you use narcissistic in a sentence?

He is a narcissistic jerk.

What is the likely behavior of the narcissist when his partner ends the relationship?

1. Try to lure her back in, stalk her, harass her 2. Not care, find a new victim. 3. Experience narcissistic rage.

What is the opposite of narcissistic?

Modest is the usual opposite of narcissistic.

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