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Q: How do you connect Joystick to DVD Players?
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Can you connect blu ray player to a standard DVD player?

Standard DVD players and Bluray players normally only have outputs. Therefore, it isn't possible to connect them together.

Can you connect joystick to psp?

You can't.

How do you bypass in dash DVD players?

To bypass in dash DVD players, connect the wire from the radio to a switch 12 volts lead. The 12 volts will send a signal to the receiver that will bypass in dash DVD players.

Can the cinemin swivel connect to a standard DVD player?

Yes it can, it comes with a whole range of cables including a composite for DVD players.

How do you connect a blu-ray DVD player to HDTV?

Mostly you connect the player with a standard HDMI to HDMI cable. Players might support component.

Can you connect your Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD to your standard regular tv?

That is not possible since HD-players use HDMI for connecting to the television. It wouldn't be very useful to connect HD-players to SDTV's, because that way the player has no advantage over a standard DVD player.

Connect DVD player with satellite to tv?

how to connect dvd player to satellite tv?

Are panasonic dvd players good dvd players compared to other dvd players on the market today?

Yes! Panasonic DVD players are reviewed as one of the best brands of DVD players on the market and have been for years on end! They're a trust worthy brand.

What format do DVD players accept?

DVD players basically accept the DVD-Video format. Modern DVD players can also play formats like mp4, mkv, mp3 DVD, HD DVD and Blu Ray.

What models of DVD players does Toshiba offer?

They carry portable DVD players, DVD recorders, DVD/VCR combination, single disc players, multi disc players, and XDE video players. To see more selections go to their site.

Does assassins creed have joystick capability for PC?

Of course Not! The Pc does not have a "Joystick" (It is called Thumbsticks) but like i said before, the Pc does not have a thumbstick(s) but you can connect your controller to a Pc

What kind of options does Sony have for DVD players?

Sony has a handful of DVD players, all differentiated by their accessories, such as VCR players.

Can a video burnt by Windows Movie Maker be watched on DVD players?

A video burned to DVD can be played on MOST DVD players. But some older model DVD players can't read burned disks.Technology has come a long way since DVD players were introduced, so the majority of DVD players today can play burned media.

What if DVD don't exist?

There would be no DVD players.

Can you play PC DVD games on a portable DVD player?

No, PC DVD games are not compatible with portable DVD players. Portable DVD players are capable of reading and displaying DVD videos.

Will DVD players play Blu Rays?

DVD players do not support Blu Ray discs.

Which DVD/VCR combo players can record DVDs?

Any of the players that say DVD-RW can record DVD's, but you will pay more for it.

Can I use a joystick on my computer?

Absolutely you can use a joystick on your computer. Most joysticks connect via USB, so getting it set up takes nearly no effort at all.

How do you connect a DVD player to a tv?

Using a cable. It varies based on your DVD Player and TV. Some DVD Players can be connected using Scart, Composite, Component, RGB and HDMI cables. Only use on cable at a time though.

Do all DVD players have DVD recorders?

No, many just play a DVD.

Can you use a Joystick for fall out New Vegas on the PC?

Yes you can use a joystick on the PC. When you start Fallout New Vegas with a joystick connected (or connect when game running) it will recognize the joystick and use it as the only input device (yeah, the game designers made it so the keyboard/ mouse is disabled, which sucks).

How are code free DVD players different from other DVD players?

DVD players are usually coded for sale in a particular region this allows the industry to control and co-ordinate sales. DVD players will usually only play DVDs coded for the same region. Code free DVD players can play DVDs from any region.

Does an xvid file have to be converted to DVD in order for it to play in a DVD player?

yesyes it does because most DVD players will not play xvid as i have tried to on multiple DVD players

Can you play Blu-ray on regular DVD players?

No. But you can play a DVD disc in Blu-Ray players

How do you Connect Amplifier to DVD player LCD TV?

use the optical cable from DVD that's if you have digital out on yoyr DVD player is so connect it to the amp