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there will be a usb or wire with a green end on it, either plug in your usb or into the green port somewhere on your computer.

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Q: How do you connect a 250w speaker to the computer?
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What kind of wires are needed to connect computer speakers?

All necessary wires are typically included when purchasing a computer speaker system. This usually comprises a cable to connect the computer to the system, and one for each speaker.

How many speakers can be attached to a Dell computer?

For Dell computer you can attached the Two speaker. But you can also if creat a lane system conecting to each other with the one out put pin then you can connect more speaker to dell computer.

How do you re install dell desktop speakers?

I have a Dell E173FPf computer and have just received the speaker to install on it. I do not see in the back the power jack to connect the speaker to. Please advise.

What is an internal speaker?

A internal speaker is a speaker that is on the inside of a computer.

Can you connect a pair of speakers to your computer?

In general, you cannot connect a pair of speakers to a computer, because the computer's sound board does not normally include a power amplifier fit to drive a speaker.It might be possible to drive very small speakers with a high impedance directly from a sound board's headphone output, though.Note that most "PC Speakers" can be directly connected to a computer's audio output because the speaker itself contains a power amplifier. Strictly speaking, such a speaker is a combination of a loudspeaker and an amplifier (sometimes also called an active speaker).

Can you connect your ps2 to your computer?

No you connect your PS2 to your TV not a computer

How do you connect punch cards to the computer?

Connect it to the computer's tower

How can you connect to a computer hub?

To connect to a computer hub, you should connect a ethernet cable from your computer to the computer hub. Each computer should be plugged into one of the various ports on the computer hub.

Can you connect a speaker to a tablet?


How do you connect microphone with speaker?

you plug them in

How do you connect your ps3 to your HDMI monitor not using DVI?

Just connect hdmi plug from ps3 to hdmi input of monitor for video.for audio,put 3.5mm jack of computer speaker to jack out of monitor.

How do you connect stereo speakers to pc?

Regular passive (non-amplified) speakers will need to be connected to a power amp (an old stereo receiver can do this). Connect the line out of the computer to the aux or tape in of the receiver, and then connect speaker cables from the receiver to each of the speakers.

What is speaker cable used for?

Speaker cable is used to connect the speaker outputs on audio devices such as a receiver or amplifier to the inputs on the speaker(s).

How do you connect two computers without a switch?

Just connect computer to computer by crossing cable connect.

How do you get audio from your computer to play on tv?

You need to connect the speaker out on your PC to the audio input on your TV. You need an adapter cable, as the computer usually has a minijack connector and the TV usually has two RCA connectors

What does speaker A minimum 4 ohms speaker impedance means?

The speaker you connect to those terminals needs to be 4 ohms or greater.

What is 250w?

I'm guessing but.... Maybe Garmin Nuvi 250W SatNav Probably the power rating on a power supply, although 250w is a bit low powered for a modern PC

Where can I purchase a computer speaker?

Yes you can definitely use a computer speaker even if your built in speaker broke. Local electronic stores and major retailers such as Myer sell computer accessories. You could visit your local computer store that sells computer speakers too.

What cable do you need to connect your Nintendo 3DS to your computer?

You cant connect them to your computer yet.

Which PlayStation cannot connect with computer?

The PlayStation 1 cannot connect to the Internet/Computer.

How do you connect Nokia c3 to computer?

i have one usb cable. i connect to phone and computer

How can you connect your phone to your computer?

A cord will usually come with your phone to help you connect it to your computer.

What is a computer speaker for?

So you can hear sound from the computer.

Can the Nintendo DSi connect to a computer?

If by "computer" you mean "internet," then yes. Otherwise, the DSi has no way to connect to an actual computer.

How do you get an onkyo speaker to work for a Playstation?

Connect them to the TV