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Your laptop should have a plug for a stereo miniature phone jack, which is the same type used for stereo headphones. A patch cable which has this type of plug at one end, and a pair of RCA plugs at the other is widely available. By pluging the miniature phone jack into the laptop, and the RCA plugs into the input jacks of the stereo, you should be able to listen to the laptop over the stereo. This solution works, but the sound output through the headphone jack for most laptops is equalized for headphones. It is heavy on the base and light on higher frequencies. It will not be satisfactory for many people.


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If your TV has a digital audio output, connect it to the optical or coaxial digital input of the surround receiver. This will pass through the digital audio signal sent from a HDMI input at the TV.

Yes. Most DVD Home Theater systems have inputs for other components. As long as it is a digital input you can get your Surround Sound from your Blu-ray through your system.

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Yes. Connect the audio output (digital or analog) of the TV in to the TV input of the receiver.

User name and corresponding password for windows system. You have to have an account with enough rights to be able to connect to windows through network.

You can connect a sound system through your TV or the site has a new PS3 sound system for under $200 that was designed for the PS3

Technics home theater system is capable of producing just about any sound that is fed through it digitally. It also includes a bass subwoofer for the big booms.

Yes. If your Home Theater system has an HDMI input, use that. If not, use the optical digital output to connect the audio from the player to the optical input on the amplifier.

List of different ways to connect two Windows 7 computers in preferred order for Gaming:Cable through Router. (online or not)WiFi through router. (online or not)Cable through Switch.Crossed Cable. (see related link)It's not advised to try Blue-tooth or DLNA for gaming.

Yes,we can connect windows xp and windows7 pcs through LAN.but in both of the pcs the firewall should be off.We can connect windows PC and Linux PC also.but we should have to install samba server in Linux PC.samba server acts as an interface between the windows and Linux platform.I have answer this question as of my knowledge.please send me an acknowledgement if it need s any corrections. Thanks Rajesh

Buy an RJ45 crossover cable for less than 5$, connect the laptops and you are all set. If your laptops are equipped with modern gigabit network cards a straight-through ethernet cable should work as well.

Connect the digital audio output of the DVD to the the HRT-6130. The HDMI inputs on the HRT6130 are only pass-through, so audio needs to be connected on another cable. If you have a HDMI output on the DVD player, use a HDMI cable to connect it to the TV.

You can connect your phone to your computer through USB. You must be able to browse your files with Windows Explorer. If you cannot, then your phone is not setup to be accessed by your computer or you do not have the proper driver.

If you want the surround sound to play through them then yes. If you want some other audio to be played than no.

if you are using windows, you will find a program called "Internet Explorer" IE that you can connect to the web through it, we called it "web browser". There are many several browsers like "Firefox" and "Google Chrome"

transparent windows you can see through them and translucent you cant see through them

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iphone 5 can connect to the internet through its wifi. It can also connect through 3G or LTE connections.

More than likely, you are blocked by a firewall, either by your network server, or even the router that you are going through to get to the internet. Try turning off the Windows Firewall by going through the Control Panel and click on the icon "Windows Firewall". Good luck.

You can download through windows update, and it will also install it for you.

As Seen Through Windows was created on 2009-03-10.

You need a receiver or processor that routes the tv tuner thru to those speakers, unless, you have that built into your tv. Connect the audio-out input from the tv to the 'tv in' or 'aux' or 'vcr', etc. Then, connect those speakers to the appropriate jacks on the receiver....good luck!..BB

There is a way to connect a Verizon phone through Metropcs. All you have to do is download to app.

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