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If the tv has RCA inputs, use them. If not, you may need a device that can convert RCA to RF/coax in. Some VCRs can do this.


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how to connect dvd player to satellite tv?

use the optical cable from DVD that's if you have digital out on yoyr DVD player is so connect it to the amp

Generally, with a SCART cable.

If you plug your DVD player into your VCR, it will not display on your television. You need to connect your DVD player either directly into your TV via S-video, Component, or HDMI cables or you can connect the DVD player to an audio receiver first, which should then offer an output to the television.

You can attached an additonal DVD player to this TV through the additional input panel that is located on the TV. However, this DVD player is excellent with wonderful quality so there is no reason to install an additonal DVD

Hooking up a DVD player to an old Magnavox TV would involve using RCA cables to connect it. Find the red, yellow and white jacks and attach them to the proper wires.

When you purchase a DVD player, cables for audio as well as video is also included. All you have to do is connect the audio and video cables to your television and your ready to go.

The DVD player will connect directly to your TV. Our receivers only have output ports not inputs.

Very very easy. does your DVD Player ( Home theatre ) have a HDMI cable? If it does, you can just buy an HDMi cable and connect it to Hdmi 1 on your tv and the other end to the Dvd Player and the sound a video will be very crisp. Alternatively, you can use an AV cable ( cable with yellow plugs on the end) and connect it to an AV output on your tv and DVD player. If you are using only the tv's sound this will work, but if you are using a amp,etc. you can connect 2 RCA cables to the tv and the amp for the sound.

Connect the DVD player to a different input on the tv, if there isn't one use a video/audio switcher.

You have easy two options. 1: if your TV has video/audio connections then plug the DVD player into the Video/Audio ports on the TV. Connect the Antenna/cable from the wall to the input on the VCR and then connect a cable from the output of the VCR to the TV. Put the TV on 3 or 4 to watch the VCR and on Video to watch the DVD 2: If your TV does not have Video/Audio inputs then connect the DVD to the VCR Video/Audio inputs and connect the VCR to the TV as described in option. TO watch DVD select the DVD as the input for the VCR and then turn the TV to CH 3 or 4.

Yes, you will need an adapter to play movies on your new DVD player. If the player is a Blu-ray you will need an HDMI cable.

You connect a DVD player to a TV via a scart cable and a composite or HDMI cable. If using a composite cable, ensure that the colors on the plug match up with those of the audio and video jacks.

The optical is a cable that connects from the dvd player to the tv. There are audio cables that connect. Tvs are color coded so help with hooking the correct cable in the correct port.

Using a cable. It varies based on your DVD Player and TV. Some DVD Players can be connected using Scart, Composite, Component, RGB and HDMI cables. Only use on cable at a time though.

Yes, all you need are the three basics cable wires, which are red, white, and yellow. You connect them to their designates colors and there you go. A set dvd player that you can watch your movies on.

The TV has video input in the forms of a coaxial (tv antenna/cable) and RGB inputs.

If your old TV has standard Audio Video input (3 connector Red, White, Yellow) you can connect XBOX 360 to it. If it is a very old TV with just an RF (coaxial) cable input then you need to buy an RF modulator to connect this system or any other DVD player to the TV. - Neeraj Sharma

Connect the digital audio output of the DVD to the the HRT-6130. The HDMI inputs on the HRT6130 are only pass-through, so audio needs to be connected on another cable. If you have a HDMI output on the DVD player, use a HDMI cable to connect it to the TV.

Connect the TV converter output to the receiver's TV input. Connect the DVD player to the receiver's DVD player input. Connect the VCR to another video input on the receiver. Thrown the equalizer out, as modern receivers don't have any way of connecting them to all the other components.

There is no way to connect a pen drive to a DVD player if there is no USB port. Some newer televisions have USB ports installed on them already. If you have no USB port on either, buy a new media box or a new television.

Get a double sided A/V cable and connect it to the DVD player's A/V outlet and the other side to the tv's A/V outlet. Then you must get a male double sided coxal caple and connect to the VCR's coxal outlet then do the same for the tv. I hope this helps you. ;)

Get yourself a video card that has a TV out (or video out) capability. Then just connect it to your TV set. Don't want to do that? Then burn the movie to DVD and use your DVD player.

Usually the cable goes straight into the TV, and the DVD connects to the TV with RCA cables, either 3 wires (composite) or 5 wires (component). Newer DVD players and TVs can also connect with a single HDMI cable. The TV controls allow you to select whether you are watching cable, component, composite or HDMI input.

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