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you gotta buy the wireless pack and it will come with a censor that you connect to the controller slot...

.then... ROCK OFF!!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2008-09-21 01:30:31
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Q: How do you connect a Guitar Hero 3 wireless guitar to the PS3 game console?
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How do you connect wireless guitar?

Plug it in

How do you fix the receiver for your hero guitar?

There's no way to fix the receiver for your guitar but you can try to connect your guitar to the console by plugging the receiver into the port and then turning on the console. The guitar and receiver should connect on their own.

How do you connect a wireless guitar to Guitar Hero on a PS2?

Switch the guitar some buttons...if does not work press connect button on receiver then repeat. =]

How do you connect a wireless guitar to rock band for wii?

A normal controller is placed inside the guitar. If your controller works so will your guitar

How do you connect a wireless guitar to Guitar Hero on a ps3?

Press the PS-button on your gh guitar. Remember to input batteries into it though

How do you use guitar hero world tour guitar controller on playstation 2?

First turn the guitar on and then connect it to the wireless receiver

How do you hook up a wireless guitar for xbox 360?

You have to disconnect the player 1 controller, and then connect the guitar.

How do you hook up a wireless guitar to a ps3 for Guitar Hero?

You have to have a piece that plugs into the USB port that will connect to the guitar. If you have that piece, you click the button on it for syncronization and the button on the guitar.

When using Guitar Hero how do you connect the guitar?

It is wireless. Click on the playstation/xbox button on the controller and rock along!

Is the Guitar Hero guitar wireless?

it depends if you get it wireless

How do you get a guitar hero guitar for playstation2 hooked up and ready to play?

connect the wireless adapter to the ps2 controller slot

How do you connect a wireless guittar hero controler?

depends what console you have, it it is a wii then you can put in the wii remote into the controller, but if it is ps3 or xbox then you need a signal receiver that you plug into the console, it also depends what guitar you have

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