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Some stores offer products that connect the information from the PC onto the laptop using a cable and some adjustments to the configurations on your computer.

2009-10-28 07:24:19
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How you connect laptop with PC?

by using a crossover cable.

how can i play minecraft for ps4 using a pc?

connect your ps4 to your pc or monitor

What will happen if you connect your laptop to your PC monitor?

you get to see your laptop on a (most likely) bigger area or you can set it up to be extra real estate(one document on your laptop and one on your extra monitor)

How do you connect the PC to the playstation 3 using HDMI wire?

The HDMI Cable on the PS3 is not to connect a PC, but a HDTV. That is also what the HDMI plug on the PC is so it can connect to a HDTV Monitor

How do you run a PC and laptop on same internet?

WIFI can connect PC and laptop.

How do you conect laptop to PC monitor?

Two ways: VGA: the VGA cable has fits in the side or back of the laptop, and in the back or side of the PC monitor, this connection is not for HD, it is just a simple and cheap connection (if you are looking for a cable you will need a VGA Male to Male Connector) this is also good if you do not have HDMI on your laptop, or on your monitor. HDMI: for HD resolution and richer graphics, if your laptop has a HDMI port and a HDMI port on the monitor this is a good cable to get, but expensive. How to connect: place one side into your laptop, and the other into the computer monitor, you will be prompted whether you want it to show on both screens, just the monitor, or if you want it extended, select duplicate. it will then appear on your PC monitor.

How to connect your PC to view on other PC monitor?

by line connection

Can you use laptop as a second monitor for your PC if so what cable would you use?

no you can not do this. you can only use an external monitor on the laptop.

What is the purpose of a monitor on a computer?

The monitor is not on the computer. The computer is the tower if you are using a pc or the monitor is on the top part of a laptop with the computer on the bottom. Also, what kind of question is that?!? The monitor allows you to see what you are doing on the computer!

How do you connect PC with laptop?

usb connector

How do you connect ps2 to a PC monitor?

You do not . The PS2 was designed to be connected to a TV not a computer monitor

How do you hook a ps2 to your PC to play on monitor?

You connect a PS2 to a TV not a computer monitor.

What do you need to connect a laptop to a PC?

A crossover cable.

How do you connect a laptop to a PC if the laptop does not have an OS and the PC runs XP?

Install xp on the laptop. A laptop won't work without an operating system.You can do this. But how do you mean "connect"? If you want to share files, then here's a way. If the laptop has a floppy drive and a network card you can make a network bootdisk to boot the laptop and connect to the laptop using ethernet . This will allow you to access shares on the desktop and u can copy over files from the laptop to the desktop but you can't access the laptop from the desktop.You can also try "LapLink" google it for more info.

What port is used to connect a notebook PC to a bigger separate monitor?

The port that you use to connect a notebook PC to a bigger and separate monitor will depend on your devices and the cable that you are using. You can use the DVI port, HDMI port, DisplayPort, or the VGA port depending on the device and cable.

How do you connect a PC running Windows XP to a laptop running Linux?

This depends on how you want to "connect" them. If you install and configure Samba on the laptop, it can share files with Windows. If you are not interested in sharing files, but just want to control the laptop from within Windows, install an SSH server on the laptop, and connect to it from Windows using puTTY.

How do you connect lenovo y510 laptop to PC?

network hub

Can you connect to xbox live using btfon?

only through ur computer/laptop because u need to log on ur btfon on ur PC then use ethernet to connect xbox to laptop works great for me)

What is the purpose of a monitor cable?

Monitor cables are used to connect computer monitors to the PC tower. Without monitor cables, you would not be able to see anything on your screen from the PC.

Can you link a laptop and a destop together to increase the perfomance?

You can connect a laptop to a PC through a docking station, but it will not improve performance. However, you can connect your laptop or PC to a server, storing most data files on the server and this will increase performance slightly by freeing up hard drive space on the laptop, or PC.

How do you connect PC to LCD?

You connect this the same way as any other type of monitor, but it may be that your PC only has a VGA port, while the monitor has a DVI port, or Vice Versa. You will have to look for an adapter

How do you tell if a monitor will work on your computer?

Check what kind of connections the monitor uses, then compare to the motherboard of your PC, or laptop.

Need to download drivers on laptop but got no internet can you connect to PC and download them from that?

Connect a router lead from your internet box (if you have one) to your laptop.

How do you connect Laptop to PC via ehthrenet?

In order to connect to computers together using Ethernet you will need to use a cross-over cable. This will then allow you to share files and resources.

How do you connect a PC to my laptop as a monitor?

I use to work testing laptop panels using LEM pixinator. If you use a newer PC then it may be possible. The trick is getting analog laptop panel to sinc with newer AGP card. then there is an issue of converting the data cable to VGA or DVI and inverting the power 5 or 10 volt. Radio Shack probably has the hardware to convert the power. not to difficult. the data cable lead can be bought online or possibley salvaged from the laptop it came from. then you will need to join that cable to a VGA adapter. If the two PC's are networked, you can use the MaxiVista software, which extends your primary PC screen onto one (or more) network available PCs. The software is very simple to install. Most laptops have a 15 pin connector on the back, which is the standard monitor cable connector. Most LCD/plasma TVs also have a 15 pin connector also, so you can go into your nearest computer/electronics store and pick up a 6ft 15pin monitor cable for under $20. If it is a modern laptop, it may have HDMI instead, in which case you can connect it to a HDMI monitor or most LCD/plasma TVs. Buy a vga male to male cable. Make sure your PC and laptop, both have female VGA inputs. it looks like it has about 12 dots (a vga input) and also looks similar to a weird rectangle.