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Connecting a PS2 Through a Media Centeri doubt that is even possible, but you can buy a VGABOX to connect the ps2 to a FPD. or you can build your own vga cable if your electronic savvy by going here to get the playstation pinout but after that's built, you will have to use a lm1881 Sync Seperator to separate the Sync on green line. and go here for that
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Q: How do you connect a PS2 through a media center PC to play on an LCD monitor?
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What is a media center extender used for?

A media center extender, such as Windows Media Center Extender, is used to connect devices such as television screens over the network to other devices such as computers. This enables to use your computer, e.g. your laptop, to browse the web without physically connecting it to your television set.

PC will not stream music to 360?

you have to have windows media center installed on both 360 and PC ,then connect the both threw Ethernet cords, then go to media center on ether of the systems and set up, your done

How do you connect Xbox 360 elite to computer?

In order to connect an xbox 360 or 360 elite to a computer. You need to use the media connect software offered by microsoft. If you have a computer running media center edition of xp then you can do more. If you do not then all you will be able to do is share songs. Look up media connect software for xbox 360 on google and you should be able to find the website.

What are some features of the Vista media center?

"Some features of the Vista media Center include, viewing and flipping pictures, listening and storing music, recording sounds or music and you can also watch videos through the vista media center."

How can you connect a DVD player to a PC monitor to view movies?

Yes. But you have to have a video card ,in your computer, with a video in option. Yes. You could buy a video card with a video input for about $50 - $100. You could then use Nero software or some other Media Center type of software to view the videos. Now if you have an Xbox 360 and bought the VGA adapter for $39.99, and can view everything in HD directly through your monitor.

How do you make Windows Media Center 2005 execute any .exe files you want Specifically I want my games to appear in Windows Media Center so that I can select them using the interface.?

The DVD player that you watch movies on your monitor with.

What is the purpose of a media center computer?

A media center computer serves one great purpose. Media items such as music, pictures, and movies can be stored on this type of device and viewed through other outlets such as your television.

What is media center in windows media center?

Windows Media Center acts as a kind of central gathering for all of the media programs that you have on your computer, such as Windows Media Player.

What are some uses of Windows Media Connect?

Windows Media Connect can be used for quite a number of various purposes. Its primary purpose is to share and stream media to a number of separate clients of Windows Media Connect.

How do you connect your laptop to your PS3 wirelessly?

Through USB connector user can connect laptop to ps3 Thats not wireless. i suggest setting up your media server on your laptop and searching for media servers on the PS3. Hope it works :)

Can you hook up xbox 360 to PC?

Yes, via an Ethernet cord. Then you can do media share. Also, depending on your monitor and your cables you could connect it to that. But not much else.

How do you connect your xbox to your computer?

To hook up the media center in the xbox 360, go to

What is the height of Modern Media Center?

The height of Modern Media Center is approximately 1,089'.

Is it possible to download movies onto your windows 7 computer then watch them using the media center?

Yes, that is the reason the media center is called a "MEDIA" center. the term "Media" refers to video, photos, and music

Where is the Media Center in Windows XP Professional?

Windows Media Center isn't part of Windows XP Professional. It was only available in Windows XP Media Center Edition.

Every business must use social media to connect with consumers.?

Every business must use social media to connect with consumers.

How do you transfer videos from your PC to your xbox?

You can't transfer videos to your Xbox, but you can stream them through your home network connection by using Windows Media Center or a media server.

How do you download videos from camera to windows meadia center?

first to make sure your talking about media center on windows vista not windows media player. the eisiest way to do it is to download your videos onto the videos file in your user folder and open media center go through the options and find the area to use the videos in the video folder

What brands make the cheapest media center furniture?

Depending on the desired style, Ikea offers some cheap media center furniture, as do KMart, Walmart and Sears. Some furniture not marketed as media center furniture might also be suitable to use a a media center.

What is the upc code for a Bose 321 media center series ii or series iii media center only not the complete system?

The 321 Media Center Series II and III are not sold without the speakers or sub, so they have no SKU for just the media center component.

How do you connect yahoo messenger to my cellphone?

some cell phones have the actual messenger built in, if not you can connect through the media net > messenger iff at&t i dont know about any other carrier

The device that connect a device to the media?


Can you play a PlayStation 3 on only a TV monitor?

The PS3 needs to be plugged into a TV or a HDTV to be seen and heard and you can not do this with a computer monitor or similar device. My media center PC has the RCA style plugs that would allow it to connect the PS3 and it also already works as a TV so maybe I could plug a PS3 into my PC because of the optional features designed into it. Never having tried I can not confirm the capability, but it seems reasonable.

Can I watch movies when connected to a wireless media center?

Depending on the media center, yes, you can watch movies on the television.

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A social media network is generally a Web site that people visit frequently and consistently to connect with people that they wouldn't normally connect with.