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Connecting is simple. The main issue is what kind of motor do you have? Batteries are DC. Therefore the motor must be DC or a universal motor, or a permanent magnet DC motor. The motor voltage and current requirements must match the battery's voltage and ampere-hour rating. A standard DC motor has 4 leads

A universal motor has 2 leads

A permanent magnet DC motor has 2 leads. The motors with 2 leads are easy: + and --

The 4 lead motor: 2 leads are "field" (F1 F2) 2 leads are armature (A1 A2)

one of each goes to + (F1 A1)

one of each goes to -- (F2 A2)

The motor must be very small in horsepower to work off a battery. There are other more complex DC motors with more leads than 4, but there are NOT going to run on a battery.

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What wire size do you need to connect a DC motor to an AA battery?

One AA battery would suggest a small motor, with a small drain. Anything metallic thicker than a hair would do.

How do you connect motor from battery?

There are two circuits on the battery and motor. One wire is take which have four ends. The wire is connected on the desired circuits.

How do you connect two twelve volt batteries for a twenty four volt motor home?

Connect a Plus of one battery to the Negative of the other battery. There should then be an unconnected Plus on one battery and an unconnected Negative on the other battery. The voltage across these unconnected terminals should be 24 volts which you then connect to your motor home like it was a single 24 v battery.

How do you connect a battery lead to send power to a seat motor?

the motor should have two leads, usually a black and a white. connect the white to the fusebox and the black to a ground.

Why do RC helicopters always run out of battery quick?

small battery big motor

How do you make newton's disc using a motor?

make a newton disc .take a motor from a car which uses battery.take a circle cardboard and put it in the motor.connect the wires of the motor using a batteryyour newton disc is ready

How do you make a toy car have a motor 2 1.5 volt battery and a switch need to make it as fast as possible someone please tell us how to connect the battery motor and switch and strategies?

I would suggest that you connect all components in series. That is, + of the first battery to - of the second. + of that battery to the switch and the second terminal of the switch to the motor. The last wire from the motor back to the - of the first battery. To reverse direction of the motor just swap the leads. There are many factors that will also affect speed such as how the motor is connected to the wheels, type of bearings, even the width and diameter of the wheels. Good luck and have fun!

How do you make a small helicopter with a simple motor?

we can make a simple helicopter by taking 2 scales which are of medium size exactly keep holes of correct length in the holesv keep the motor on the motor keep the holes from motor connect the wires to lipo battery which is of cost 500 rupees which is rechargable.

What will happen connect a battery to a small light bulb?

the bulb will light up

What can you do that is fun with a DC motor?

Build a small battery-operated vibrator.

How do you charge battery on a Honda 2003 ace?

Remove the battery from under the driver's seat. Connect it to a small battery charger suitable for motorbikes. Connect the leads to the terminals. Charge until the meter on the charger shows that the battery is fully charged.

Explain how an electric motor makes the toy car move?

Battery powered cars use a small battery to power an electric motor to drive the wheels.

How do you make working model on green energy?

Connect the rotor of a DC motor to some sort of fan (like a pinwheel) and instead of connecting a battery to the motor, connect a 2V DC bulb. Then blow. (could try dismantling one of those hand-held, battery poweref fans you get - the motor works both ways).

What happens if you connect a 9.6 v battery to a motor rated for 7.2 v?

The motor will run at a higher rate of speed than normal. The extra voltage will in time destroy the motor.

How do you test window motor?

Unplug the connector on the motor. connect a battery source directly to the motor. If it has multiple wires on the connector, determine the two terminals by finding the two largest wires.

How do you connect LEGO power functions to a LEGO wheel?

If you have the battery box (6 x AA needed), a wire and a motor (Small or Large) and they're all connected, fit an axle into the motor output and fit the other end of the axle onto a wheel with a crosshead

How to connect a mechanical load to a motor?

To connect mechanical load to a motor, you couple it to the shaft of the motor.

How do you connect the battery in the M4 Carbine airsoft gun battery?

Usually the m4's have a crane stock. on the butt of the gun (where you put your shoulder) there is a latch which will allow you to pull a small piece off and connect the battery. Note: this is not the latch that extends the stock.

What happens when the car battery connectors connect together?

When a car battery in connected to itself (i.e. You connect jumper cables onto a battery and then connect the other two connectors to each other), you create a continual circuit with the battery and nothing else. A similar effect is when you hold a 9 Volt battery to your tongue and you feel a small but continual "zap". Imagine this effect, but much greater. Sparks will appear when the connectors are first connected. Warning: Do not do this. This will damage your car battery. The only reason you should connect a car battery through jumper cables is to connect it to another car's battery in order to "jump" a car.

Can a diagram for two 12V deep cycle motor home batteries connected to output 12V be supplied?

You just connect them in Parallel. Two 12 volt batteries connected in parallel will output 12 volts. Two connected in Series will output 24 volts. Just connect the negative terminal on the first battery to the negative on the second battery. Then connect the positive terminal on first battery to the positive on the second battery. Connect the cables to the second battery, positive to positive and negative to negative. Click the link for a diagram.

How do you test a window motor on a dodge stratus?

Remove the motor and connect a 12v battery to the positive and negative posts, you don't have to worry about polarity as it runs one way +/- and another way -/+. This will tell you if your motor is good or not.

How do you install a 95 contour sunroof motor?

Connect the sunroof motor with the sunroof motor retaining bolts. Connect the sunroof linkage. Connect the wiring harness to the back of the sunroof motor.

Which battery post do you connect first when replacing a car battery?

You connect the positive terminal first.

How do you install battery in Suzuki GS500?

remove the seat, place the battery into the holder, connect the drip tube, connect the battery connectors

How do you replace the blower motor in a 95 Chevy truck?

The blower motor can be replaced on a 1995 Chevy truck by first disconnecting the battery. It helps to take a picture of the blower motor before dismantling, so that it can be put back easily. Disconnect all the wires from the motor, then remove the bolts holding it to the firewall. Replace with the new motor and bolt it in, then connect the wires. Reconnect the battery.