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How do you connect a battery to a small motor?


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September 10, 2014 2:24PM

Connecting is simple. The main issue is what kind of motor do you have? Batteries are DC. Therefore the motor must be DC or a universal motor, or a permanent magnet DC motor. The motor voltage and current requirements must match the battery's voltage and ampere-hour rating. A standard DC motor has 4 leads

A universal motor has 2 leads

A permanent magnet DC motor has 2 leads. The motors with 2 leads are easy: + and --

The 4 lead motor: 2 leads are "field" (F1 F2) 2 leads are armature (A1 A2)

one of each goes to + (F1 A1)

one of each goes to -- (F2 A2)

The motor must be very small in horsepower to work off a battery. There are other more complex DC motors with more leads than 4, but there are NOT going to run on a battery.