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I have AOL broadband and have connected a wireless router, you need the IP Address of the router which you will find in the instructions, you enter this IP address into you web browser and you will enter the routers setup utility and then enter your details, any details you don't understand AOL support will give you them. I don't have AOL software installed on my PC and retrieve all e-mails with Increadimail connecting via IMAP.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-13 12:38:17
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Q: How do you connect a broadband router if your connection is access to AOL?
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Why you should use the router?

A router allows multiple devices to connect to a broadband internet connection

How do you use the single user bradband connection to multi users?

Connect the broadband connection to a router, and connect the router ports to the individual systems. If necessary, extend the number of ports on the router by attaching a switch to one of the router ports and attaching multiple clients to the switch.

If you have a cable broadband connection and an ADSL wireless router with its own modem can you connect the cable modem to the router and bypass its own modem?

yes you can

Do you need a wireless router for a wireless connection?

You will need a wireless router for a wireless connection. Connect the Internet access cable to the wireless router. The wireless router will transmit the data.

What is a g broadband router used for?

A g broadband router is used for receiving a network connection. In addition, after receiving the connection, the router gives off wireless connection to other devices.

Can you use a router to connect to the Internet?

If you have already internet connection, for instance, through modem you can connect the router to the modem. In such way multiple computers can access the same internet connection.

Can you have a router without a broadband?

Ofc can u have a router without broadband but you just wont get any connection, so if you want a connection too, then you'll need broadband yes.

What do you need to connect a ps3 online using broadband?

For wired connection a router and ethernet cable long enough to go from router to the back of PS3 and an internet service.

How do you get WiFi on Wii? Connect using: Wii Lan Adapter (Wired Connection) Access Point (Router) (Wireless Connection) AOSS Router or Modem (AOSS- Compatible Wireless Router)

Allows sharing of a broadband Internet connection?

A router

What allows sharing of broadband Internet connection?

a router

Do you need a router for the PS3 if the internet is wiredless?

PS3 has the ability to have a wireless connection or a wired connection to the internet. It does not have wireless internet, you must purchase a broadband internet service. Many people already have broadband internet service for a PC and need a router to allow them to connect the PS3. A router will allow two or more items to be connected to the internet service. A wireless router will allow them to connect wirelessly if they both have a wireless connection capability like the PS3 and also allow them to be connected with an ethernet cable for a wired connection.

Can you use any wireless router to connect to the internet?

No it must be a broadband router and can not connect to the PS3 USB plug

How do you network two computers in different rooms and have them sharing an ADSL Broadband connection?

You need to buy an adsl router. Connect your modem to the router then connect your two computers using rj45 (ethernet) cables or usb. Some routers need to be a modem router which renders your broadband router useless. Some broadband companies require you to register every PC used on the network sharing the internet. And sometimes you can get a wireless router but it takes a while to install.

What hardware device will connect broadband connection to both phone and computer?

Network Interface Card used for connection with computer. Wireless router to connect internet with mobile. Wifi adapter also used to connect internet with your computer.

What is a broadband router modem?

A broadband router modem is a device used to help connect a computer to the internet. You can buy it from a store or a service provider and connect the Ethernet cable to your computer.

What does a broadband router do?

It provides network connection for wireless clients.

Can I Connect a wireless hub to a broadband router?

In most cases you can.

With the new ps3 do you just need a wirelss router to play online?

You need to purchase broadband internet service and the network connection devices. The router does not have to be wireless because you can also connect with a ethernet cable from the PS3 to a router

Does a broadband wireless router allow anyone into my network?

Only people you want to connect to your broadband wireless router. You can also add security features making your internet access more secure and protected from third party devices trying to access your network. This ensures that the only people that can access your internet are the ones you choose to.

What allows the sharing of a broadband internet connection?

A wired or wireless router.

Why does a ps3 connect to the nearest wireless router not one far away?

It will be trying to connect to the strongest wireless connection. This is usually from the closest access point.

What is required to connect to the internet?

A PC or laptop, a modem or router ( routher for broadband connection) and an ISP ( Internet service provider) and a telephone line.ComputerAn isp( internet Service Provider)Telephone linesSoftwareTo get on the internet you need to buy an internet connection. You must plug your internet cable into a router. Then you must have connection to the router, most computers will automatically connect to the internet if the hardware is in place.

How does wireless broadband Internet connect to the Internet?

Cable/phoneline---->Cable/Dsl Modem---->Wireless Broadband router

How do you access internet in ps2?

It's simple 1)Turn the PS2 and broadband router off. 2)Connect the first Ethernet cable to an Ethernet port on the broadband router and the Ethernet port on the PS2 Network Adapter. 3)Connect the second Ethernet cable to another Ethernet port on the broadband router and the Ethernet port on your PC's Network Interface Card (NIC). 4)Turn on your router, then your PC. 5)Check your PC can access the Internet - your broadband router may require a specific configuration to do this. Refer to the router's instructions for specific support. 6)Turn on your PS2 and insert the Network Access Disc. 7)Follow the on-screen setup instructions. Refer to the Network Access Disc manual for further support. Good Luck