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Put the printer on a shared network, then your desktop computer can also print to the same printer.

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Q: How do you connect a desktop computer to a wirless printer that is already connected to a laptop?
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Can you use your laptop keyboard on a desktop computer?

Laptop keyboards are connected to the motherboard with a variety of proprietary connectors. There is no easy way to wire one to connect to a desktop.

A personal computer that is connected to a network is?

A Desktop.

How can one set up a remote desktop web connection?

To connect to a remote computer, that computer must be turned on and connected to the network or the internet and one needs to permission to connect. Click the "Start" button and then in the "search box" type "remote desktop connection". In the list of results click "remote desktop connection". In the "computer" field, type the name of the computer that you want to connect to and then click "connect". Enter your username and password and then click "OK". Now you can use the remote computer.

Difference between normal desktop printers and network printers?

Desktop printer you have to connect to a computer if want to use and share it over the network. Network printer can connected directly to your router.

Which icon on your desktop do you click on to access all of the drives connected to your computer?


What is Remote desktop connection?

remote desktop connection is use to any access the system or user of u r local or wide network. = Using Windows Remote Desktop Connection = It allows you to connect to another computer remotely either over a network or over the internet. When you are connected to the remote computer you are actually controlling it and seeing the remote computer's desktop etc.

Can a desktop computer connect to WiFi?

Almost all Desktop computers are connected to a cable for their internet access. You can however purchase a wireless WiFi adapter which plugs in via a Desktops USB slot for WiFi access.

Do you need a router to connect to a desktop computer that has a wireless adapter installed?

Not necessarily, you can connect via another computer with a wireless adapter.

Will a wireless router work when it is connected to a desktop computer that doesn't have a wireless card?

Are you asking if the computer will get internet? If so... Yes. as long as the router is connected to a modem via network cable and also connected to the desktop computer via network cable.The computer will not connect to the wireless signal sent out by the router. Without a wireless card, it will only work if it is hard patched via network cable to a working modem. If you are asking if the wireless router will still work, even when its connected to a desktop computer with out a wireless card, the answer is also yes. and i this situation, a wireless card in the computer is completely irrelevant so I'm guessing this is not what you meant.

What does a wireless desktop card do?

I wireless desktop card is hardware you install into your computer so you can connect your computer to a wireless network from a router or access point.

Can you use a server as a desktop computer?

Yes, you can use a server as a desktop computer. If a single user connected input and output devices and used it alone, a server would function exactly as a personal desktop computer.

Does your home desktop computer have to be turned on in order to use wireless internet through a router for your laptop?

It depends on how it's set up. If the wireless router is connected directly to the service, you should be able to connect the laptop without the desktop being turned on. If the desktop is connecte directly to the service and the router feeds from the desktop... no, you'll need the desktop to be running. No Its Doesn't.You Just Need A Modem To Be Connected To The Desktop Computers Ethernet Port

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