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Put the printer on a shared network, then your desktop computer can also print to the same printer.


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Laptop keyboards are connected to the motherboard with a variety of proprietary connectors. There is no easy way to wire one to connect to a desktop.

Desktop printer you have to connect to a computer if want to use and share it over the network. Network printer can connected directly to your router.

Almost all Desktop computers are connected to a cable for their internet access. You can however purchase a wireless WiFi adapter which plugs in via a Desktops USB slot for WiFi access.

Are you asking if the computer will get internet? If so... Yes. as long as the router is connected to a modem via network cable and also connected to the desktop computer via network cable.The computer will not connect to the wireless signal sent out by the router. Without a wireless card, it will only work if it is hard patched via network cable to a working modem. If you are asking if the wireless router will still work, even when its connected to a desktop computer with out a wireless card, the answer is also yes. and i this situation, a wireless card in the computer is completely irrelevant so I'm guessing this is not what you meant.

Not necessarily, you can connect via another computer with a wireless adapter.

It depends on how it's set up. If the wireless router is connected directly to the service, you should be able to connect the laptop without the desktop being turned on. If the desktop is connecte directly to the service and the router feeds from the desktop... no, you'll need the desktop to be running. No Its Doesn't.You Just Need A Modem To Be Connected To The Desktop Computers Ethernet Port

Yes, you can use a server as a desktop computer. If a single user connected input and output devices and used it alone, a server would function exactly as a personal desktop computer.

I wireless desktop card is hardware you install into your computer so you can connect your computer to a wireless network from a router or access point.

On your computer, you will click on Start, Programs, Accessories, Remote Desktop Connection. In the computer box, you need to enter an IP number (which your office IT person will give you). Enter your login and password. Click Connect.

remote desktop connection is use to any access the system or user of u r local or wide network. = Using Windows Remote Desktop Connection = It allows you to connect to another computer remotely either over a network or over the internet. When you are connected to the remote computer you are actually controlling it and seeing the remote computer's desktop etc.

Yes, you can download songs from a desktop computer to an iPod. All you would need to do is connect the iPod to your computer with the chord that came with it, and transfer the songs from iTunes.

Currently most computer mice are connected to the computer (either the tower of a desktop or the base of a laptop) through a USB cable. Older models may still have a dedicated specialized mouse connector, although these are becoming rare. A mouse typically does not connect to any other device besides the main computer.

All you need is an ethernet cable and connect them together. If you already have a router then just connect the two to the network.

According to Windows Microsoft, in order to make a remote connection to a person's desktop computer, two computers are needed. And then a Remote Desktop application is needed in order to connect to the other computer.

A remote desktop is a desktop in another location. A remote desktop connection allows you to connect one computer to another, even if they aren't in the same place. Then you have access to the files and programs on the other computer. It's commonly used to allow people to do work at home.

I have a hcl head phone I have plugged it on but does not work

A TV tuner in a desktop computer enables one to connect a TV to the computer. One can watch TV shows and movies on a computer and record programs for future viewing, too.

You have to use remote desktop connection and know either the computer ip address where to wnat to connect to or full name. Start->All Programs->Aceessories->Communication->Remote Desktop Connection. P.S. You connect only to Windows Xp Pro or server versions (Windows 2003...). Windows Xp Home cannot be a remote computer where to want to connect to.

Remote Desktop Connection is a technology that allows you to sit at a computer and connect to a remote computer in a different location. You don't need to install it. In this version of Windows, Remote Desktop Connection is installed by default.

unscrew the side of your computer (Desktop) and you know where the VGA lead goes in to connect to the monitor? that is it

Your PC has a motherboard that you can connect your memory card to. If it is a desktop, open the side of the box and the motherboard is where everything is connected to.

Peripherals, such as the keyboard, mouse, monitor, external hard-drive, scanner, printer, and so on, are connected to the main device - which is a computer (desktop, laptop, netbook, etc

Peripherals, such as the keyboard, mouse, monitor, external hard-drive, scanner, printer, and so on, are connected to the main device - which is a computer (desktop, laptop, netbook, etc).

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