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How do you connect a laptop to a printer hooked up on a PC?

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So, for some reason, you do not want to connect the printer directly to the laptop. To connect to the printer via another computer means creating a network, which requires a piece of equipment called a router. Also, both the laptop and the PC will have to have Ethernet capability, which may require installing a Network Interface Card in one or both of them. The printer will have to be configured as a network printer, which requires allowing sharing in the Network Folder on the Control Panel. Then, after you have established your network, you will have to install a network printer on to the laptop. This is done by double clicking on the 'Network Neighborhood' icon on the desktop, then right-clicking on the icon for the printer and selecting 'Install'.

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What lead do i need to connect a printer to a laptop?

All you need to connect it to your laptop is a USB cable to plug into the printer so it can connect to the laptop. If your printer came with a CD, then install it using that. Most of the time you need a Type A to Type B USB cable to connect printer to a PC or Laptop. Both side connector are different. You can get these cheap (less than $3-4) on internet or in discount electronics stores. - Neeraj Sharma

Can you connect a dell laptop to a canon printer?

You can pretty much connect any make PC or Laptop to any printer. The only time I have found this does not apply with devices that can print are iPhones and Ipads which require iphone compatible printers.

How do you run a PC and laptop on same internet?

WIFI can connect PC and laptop.

How do you connect a hp printer to a Lenovo laptop?

first you purchase good h.p printer, with that printer you will be given driver cd, just insert in lenovo pc and install driver, that all now you can use your h.p printer with no issues.

Canon printer enable bidirectional?

I found this was caused quite simply because I installed whilst it was connected (already hooked up). Didn't read instruction :-)so to fix.disconnect everything from printer, power, phone, usb cable etc.install all software in PC (by control panel add remove programs.)reboot PCreinstall software* do NOT connect printer until finished.connect printer to PCturn it onbi Di should be OK.then connect phone if using for fax.

Connect one printer to a desktop PC and a mac laptop?

You can just unplug the USB cable from the desktop and plug it into the the laptop when you need to print something on the laptop. When you are done printing, you can just plug it back into the desktop.

How do you connect PC with laptop?

usb connector

How do you connect a PC to a laptop using the laptop as a monitor?

Some stores offer products that connect the information from the PC onto the laptop using a cable and some adjustments to the configurations on your computer.

How do you hook my printer to my computer?

Try reading the manual they will tell you how to connect your printer to your PC

What do you need to connect a laptop to a PC?

A crossover cable.

How you connect laptop with PC?

by using a crossover cable.

The DB25 connector on the rear of the PC is used normally used to connect what?

The DB25 connector on the rear of a PC is used (if it has pins) to connect a printer or (if it has sockets) to connect a modem.

How do you connect lenovo y510 laptop to PC?

network hub

Can you link a laptop and a destop together to increase the perfomance?

You can connect a laptop to a PC through a docking station, but it will not improve performance. However, you can connect your laptop or PC to a server, storing most data files on the server and this will increase performance slightly by freeing up hard drive space on the laptop, or PC.

Need to download drivers on laptop but got no internet can you connect to PC and download them from that?

Connect a router lead from your internet box (if you have one) to your laptop.

You want to connect your laptop to internet whihc is already been used by your PC?

The best way to connect your laptop to Internet when is already being used by your PC is to add a router. Depending on the router you select, you can then connect your laptop to the router or you can connect wirelessly. This will allow you to have more than one computer on the Internet at the same time.

How can you connect Windows 8 PC and windows XP PC to print from the same printer using a router?

If the printer is a network printer or the router has a USB port and supports the printer, you can simply connect the printer to the router and then tell each computer to search the network for printers. If the printer is not network-capable, you will need to set up file and print sharing on one of the computers.

How do you connect my Samsung pop to my PC?

i can't connect Samsung R5570 pop to my laptop, help me.pls

What scanners are compatible with dell computer printers?

there is no compatibility between printer and scanner.. scanner or printer should be compatible with the PC or laptop..

How do I connect my printer to my wireless router?

To connect your printer you must go through your PC and make sure that you establish a network between your router and all of your wireless capable peripherals.

If you have your printer hooked up to your desktop PC which is hardwired to the Internet how can you make your printer accessible from your Wi Fi?

You need to enable "file and printer sharing" in the windows firewall settings, after that you have to share the printer. Check and write down/remember the computer ip address where the printer has been connected to. After that in your laptop/desktop Start->Run->//ip_address (for instance, \\ When the window shows up double click on the printer, confirm to install the driver.

You want to connect your Dell laptop to your PC so that whatever is on the PC screen it will be on the laptop screen also?

No. Kuz it's only an "Local Area Conection" !

How do you connect a laptop to a PC if the laptop does not have an OS and the PC runs XP?

Install xp on the laptop. A laptop won't work without an operating system.You can do this. But how do you mean "connect"? If you want to share files, then here's a way. If the laptop has a floppy drive and a network card you can make a network bootdisk to boot the laptop and connect to the laptop using ethernet . This will allow you to access shares on the desktop and u can copy over files from the laptop to the desktop but you can't access the laptop from the desktop.You can also try "LapLink" google it for more info.

Which network cable should you use to connect PC to printer?

Connecting a printer to a PC depends on the printer interfaces. If it is a network printer then you use a UTP cable with a standard RJ-45 connector. Other possibilities are USB connections and serial or parallel cable connections.

How do you connect your laptop and your PC easily just for file transfer?

You can use a data cable.