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How do you connect a microphone to a iPod touch?


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buy one, plug it into the headphone jack

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The second generation iPod Touch does not have a built-in microphone, but you can connect the new iPod earphones with the controls, which does have a microphone and will work with the second generation iPod Touch.

Even though the new iPod Touch doesn't have a microphone, the Apple headphones that come with the new iTouch do come an inline microphone and remote.

no but it does have a speaker

The iPod Touch has no speaker, microphone, or cell phone parts. Therefore, the answer is no.

The app store for the ipod touch is the same ats the iPhone app Store but some apps need a microphone to work so check the description. There is NOT a microphone on the ipod touch. Midomi and the dog whistle use a microphone

A: There is no hole the Ethernet microphone is under the power button

no you just have to connect the iPod touch to a regular setup.

The iPod Touch does not have a microphone. Voice memos never worked.

Recovery mode on ipod touch is when your ipod touch shows a connect to itunes sign

If you mean connect the phone to the internet through the ipod touch, then no.

You cannot connect the iPod Touch to a Linksys router via cable, but you can connect to it through Wi-Fi.

There is no microphone on it.You have to buy it separately from the Apple store or anywhere else.

no buy headphones build in mic

buy a mic that fits and plug it in

Well, there are no camera attachments but the iPod Touch 4th generation has a built in camera and microphone.

No, they are not the same. The 3rd generation 8 gigabyte iPod Touch should have a built-in microphone. The 2nd generation does not have a built-in microphone.

download itunes and then connect your ipod touch and and create your username

The Microphone on 3rd generation Ipod touch's is in the ear-buds. If you get the 16 gigabyte or 36 gigabyte you get the microphone with the ear-buds but not if you get the 8 gigabyte.

ipod touch has no telecommunications capabilities so it is unable to connect to 3G. A 3G iPod Touch will not be released.

You can buy an adapter from Apple that allows you to connect iPod touch to an external screen such as an HDTV. If I remember correctly, you have to have a second-generation or later iPod touch.

yes but not if you need a microphone

No, But it does come with a headset with a built in mic.

Yes. I got a iPod Touch 3g for Christmas, a 32 gig, and have used the microphone for voice notes multiple times. Hope this helps.

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