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I'd say: just plug it in! Routers are to be placed between the modem (cable modem or ISDN or something alike) and the LAN (in other words the switch, which opens up the LAN). All users connect to the internet or another system via the router which will be the default gateway for the LAN. Switchs do not have a special port for routers. It doesn't matter which port you use. Everything else will be configured by the network settings on the router and the clients within the network. (In order to configure the router you might want to use a crossed patch cable and connect directly from your workstation to the router. Modern router provide a homepage through which you configure the device. By using the crossed cable you can be certain not to interrupt the normal network)

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Q: How do you connect a router to a network that uses a switch?
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Modem Router?

A modem connects your computer to the Internet. A router takes the Internet signal and splits it up and distributes it to other computers on your network. There are two types of routers, wired and wireless. A wired modem router uses a cat5 cable to connect to the modem and to connect to each computer on the network. A wireless router uses wires to connect to the modem but connects to each computer on the network without wires.

Which network topology uses a backbone to connect all devices?

atonomus border router (abr)

What is a WAP key on your PSP?

It's not really something to do with the PSP, the WAP key is your wireless router's 'password'. For a PSP to connect to a router, just like your own computer does, you need to know the SSID of the network, and the security passcode. Just enter the same settings as your own computer uses, and the PSP can then connect to your wireless network.

A Wi-fi network uses?

A Wi-Fi network uses a wireless router and a high-speed internet modem.

What network topology has a back bone that uses a router or switch as the sigle central connection point for multiple subnetworks?

Such topology is called star.

Can you connect a router into a network that uses a switch?

The answer is yes. If you need more information, please be more specific on what it is you're trying to do. Yes. Generally you plug your internet connection into the router, then an ethernet wire from the router to the switch. More than likely, depending on what set-up you previously had, your going to have to change your tcp/ip settings. I could probably guess what set-up you have... but you'll have to be more specific before we can give more advice.

Where do you find the security key needed to connect to internet?

It's the same one as your computer uses to connect to your router.

Modem With Wireless Router?

A modem is the device that allows you to connect to the Internet. A router uses wires to connects from the modem to other computers to share the Internet connection. A wireless router uses wires to connect to the modem but connects to the other computers through a wireless connection. A modem with a built in wireless router only uses wires to connect it to the internet source meaning you can place it any where in the house that has access to an Internet source.

What network uses a central cable to which all network devices connect?

bus network

What can I do with a router?

A router is hardware that is used, generally, for routing, and use, with networks. Routers connect two subnets, or more, which likely will conect two one to one physical interfaces of the router. You probably have a router that uses a ISP to connect to the internet.

What is the main purpose for a usb wireless router?

A wireless router allows users to connect wirelessly to the Internet when they are within a specific range. A USB wireless router does the same thing except it uses the USB port of the computer to connect to the wireless router an Internet.

How do you set default root in a router by using dynamic routing?

If the network uses the RIP protocol, router A will determine that all paths have equal cost. If the network uses the RIP protocol, router A will update only the A-C-E path in its routing table. If the network uses the EIGRP routing protocol, router A will determine that path A-D-E has the lowest cost. If both RIP and EIGRP protocols are configured on router A, the router will use the route information that is learned by the RIP routing protocol.

Wireless Router With USB Port?

Your modem connects your computer to the Internet. A router takes the Internet from your modem and shares it with your network. An average router can connect up to 4 computers to the same connection while more advanced ones can connect many more. Most wireless routers use a power cord and either an Ethernet cable transfers the data from the modem. A USB router uses a single USB cable for supplying the router with power and transferring data from the modem to the router.

What are the uses of a rollover cable in networking?

A rollover cable t is used to connect a computer's console port directly to a router.The main purpose of the CONSOLE cable is to directly connect to a switch or router (CISCO) to get to the OS and do updates, view configs, modify configs, test, etc).

Which network device uses a MAC address table to segment the network?


What network device uses a MAC address table to segment network?


In Playstation network what is the WEP key?

The WEP key is what your devices use to connect to your wireless router, it's the passcodes to its encryption. So whatever code your PC or laptop uses to access the network, that's the WEP key you need for your PSP.

What is L3 switch?

An L3 switch is sort of like a high powered router. These switches use hardware to route packets of information, as opposed to a regular router which uses software.

How does Kindle Connect to the internet?

It uses a free unlimited 3G network or WiFi to connect to the internet.

What a star topology uses a to connect all of the nodes?


What device connects a LAN to the internet?

A router can be used to connect a LAN to the internet. A router works on the basis of an IP address. Every router has built-in operating system known as IOS. A router works on the network layer of the OS model and it routes the data towards the optimal path. Router uses the header information of the packets and forwarding table to define the best shortest possible path of the data.

How do you connect a Macintosh to a Linux network?

There is no such thing as a "Linux" network. Linux uses the standard TCP/IP protocol for most modern networking purposes. This protocol is also used on Windows and Mac OS X. On any network with a working DHCP server the process is as simple as connecting to the router.

How can you connect one printer with two computers without using a switch or router?

If it uses either a parallel or serial port, then you could by a "T - Switch".Additional optionYou can network 2 computers together (direct connection), and just use File & Print sharing. Make sure you use a "cross-over" cable to connect the two PCs, or use wireless networking.

Which devices work in the network layer?

firewall, router,layer 3 switches and i approve that answer ! NO! In general the firewall is a layer 4 device, it traffics filter incoming and outgoing ports. It uses the function of TCP and UCP. However a Firewall can also be a layer 3 device as in internal firewall in a router. Also a switch is a layer 2 device unless your talking about a Router switch.

Which device uses MAC address to forward frames?

A switch uses MAC address to forward frames while a router uses IP addresses.