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The best possible way to connect headers would be as follows: 1) go to an auto store and get that style header. There is a difference in the length of bend off the block. A header off a 70's model will not fit the 80's and up, due to fender well and block spacing. 2) remove the pollution pump and accompanying parts. (robs horsepower anyway) This may cause your "check engine" code to appear though. 3) you may have to raise motor off mounts and install headers from underneath car. 4) your options for pipes are side pipes or 3and a half inch exhaust into flowmaster mufflers (or cherrybombs on backwards). 5) in order to run an exhaust out to the back, you must run the pipes very close to the drivetrain due to the underbody design from the factory.

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Q: How do you connect headers on a 1989 Pontiac Trans Am?
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