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How do you connect iPhone apple to computer?


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Get your iphone charger and take the box off. Put the cord into your computer and it will connect to iTunes.

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When you jailbreak an iPhone cydia is installed and Apple limitations are removed from iOS. A tethered jailbreak means you will have to connect to computer everytime you want to start your iPhone. While in untethered you do not need to connect to computer.

The AirPlay feature found in the latest version of the iOS software will connect an iPhone to the Apple TV. (See links below)

Turn It On! Connect it to your computer

If you want to transfer music to your iphone (any apple device) first you must download and install Itunes from apple. Then move your music to it, drag and drop, then connect your device and click sync on itunes

I don't see why you can't connect it. It's what happens after you connect it that yo should be wondering.

The only way I can think of is through iTunes, since apple control both iTunes and iPhone. You can download iTunes on your computer for free, then all of you music can be transferred to that, which can then be pit on your phone when you connect it up.

Apple Computer, Inc.

Tethering on the iphone is not possible at this time.

Firstly you have to get an apple ID. Now go to the app store and get the apps you would like on your IPhone. Then you get the cord and connect it to your computer. Then go and sync your Iphone. Or you could just get it off the app store on your IPhone.

No, its smart to have a computer to connect to iTunes though.

You just connect your iPhone to the computer, click on your iPhone under "Devices", and click Update.

you computer is crashing if your experiencing the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH this mean the hardware or software installed has an incompatibility you can usually reinstall the software for the device with the latest from the apple website this works most of the time

Connect your iPhone to your computer and sync it with iTunes...

The Apple iPhone is a separate computer from any other computer line. It runs its own operating system, which is completely separate from Apple's OSX desktop/laptop operating system.

You take a iphone compatible USB cord, connect it to your computer, and you sync an iPhone with iTunes.

You need to connect to to the computer that is authorised for your iPhone and update via iTunes.

to enable your iPhone you need to connect it to your computer and register it via iTunes . When you turn on your iPhone you will see a visual prompt showing a disc and a USB lead, this is the prompt to connect to your computer, without doing this your iPhone will remain unregistered and you will not be able to go any further.

connect it to a computer and print... i think thats how you do it. try it.

Connect your iPhone to your authorised computer, sync your iPhone with your computer and ensure that the sync music is ticked on the phones information for syncing on the screen.

Apple started in 1976 as Apple Computer. In 2007, the word Computer was dropped and it was then that Steve Jobs introduced the Iphone.

yes connect your usb cable with comp. and your apple ipad

This is an iOS error. To recover you must connect to iTunes on your computer using a USB cable. You will also need to enter your iPhone passcode.

To connect users using reliable data and voice communication

The Apple Universal Dock is an Apple product that allows you to easily connect to a USB port to connect to speakers or a TV, or also to charge or sync your Apple iPod or iPhone. It comes with the Apple Control to allow you easy access from anywhere in the room.

Connect it to your computer, open up itunes, and click restore

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