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Attaching Multiple Monitors to a Single CPUGood news- attaching multiple monitors to a single CPU is fairly simple in newer operating systems!

What you'll need is either a second video card, or a special video card with special equipment that supports multiple monitors. Since the special video card is non-standard equipment and is intended more for business settings, I recommend you go with a second video card.

Remember - unless you have a really special motherboard, you're only going to have one AGP slot, and your current card is probably already in it - however, your setup will vary. If you already have a card in your AGP slot, or if your video port is directly off of your motherboard, you'll probably need to get a PCI card. These generally are cheaper, but cannot handle the same extreme graphics that AGP or PCIExpress cards handle.

Anyway, once you install the second video card, Windows will automatically set it up for you. To change this setup, you would need to go into Display properties, and then the 'Settings' tab. You can opt to have the second monitor mirror the first one, or extend your desktop onto the second one - in essence, having two monitors' worth of desktop space!

Gaming support differs by manufacturer, and the "horsepower" of your cards.

2Since your going to have to buy a new video card anyway, you should just get an AGP card that supports two screens, which many do today. the card will most likely have a analog and a digital connection, but most cards come with adapters. Connecting Two CPUs to a Single MonitorSeveral manufacturers provide an "A-B" switch that allows you to switch the monitor, keyboard and mouse between two computers. I believe Black Box is one such manufacturer. 2I've seen a lot of "routers" for hardware. I've seen these made by specialist companies and even Linksys itself. You plug the equipment into the router, then plug cords from the router into the computer. The Linksys model I've seen switches by hitting the Scroll Lock key twice in succession.
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Q: How do you connect multiple monitors to a CPU and vice versa?
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