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It depends on what kind of car and engine you have. Some don't connect to the water pump but to the radiator.

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Q: How do you connect the heater bypass valve to the water pump?
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How can you bypass heater core on 1988 Buick Skylark?

You can bypass your 1988 Buick Skylark heater core by removing the heater core water supply hoses. There will be to water hoses. Connect the water hoses to each other.

How do you bypass a heater core in a 2001 Dodge pickup?

To bypass the heater core you need to remove the two water hoses going through the firewall from the engine compartment to the heater core and connect them together so that the water loops around back to the engine.

Can you fill a children's pool using a hot water heater?

Yes! Connect a garden hose to the output valve of the water heater and open the water heater valve to put hot water into the kiddie pool. This is the fastest way to warm a children's pool.

Where is the heater core valve on a 1997 chrysler cirrus?

It does not have a water flow valve in the heater plumbing.It does not have a water flow valve in the heater plumbing.

What is that piece that the three water hoses connect to by the engine on 99 suburban?

thats the heater control valve

How do you connect domestic coil on keystoker k6 boiler to existing hot water tank system?

Connect the domestic coil thru a tempering valve to the hot water pipes in your house and turn off the valves to your old hot water heater. You should include a shutoff valve so you can revert to the hot water heater when you have your coal boiler shut down.

How do you drain your hot water heater?

Depending on what type of water heater you have there should be a plug or valve at the base of the water heater

How do you 'open' and in-ground pool with water heater?

You do not have to turn the heater on until you are ready to heat the water, some installers put a tee or bypass before the heater so the water does not go thru the heater many do not since the heater is on the clean side of the filter, some people just want a bypass valve their in case the heater fails they can keep the water flowing around the heater, Take the cover off, start the filter up, start vacuumimg, when ready add your chemicals. continue running the filter get your water tested, when you feel you are about ready too swim turn the heater on too warm the water if you desire to.

What is a TNP valve?

A TNP valve is a temperature and pressure valve found on a water heater.

What are the names of all the water hoses in a car?

Upper and lower radiator, inlet and outlet heater core, bypass,Upper and lower radiator, inlet and outlet heater core, bypass,

Is there a heater control valve on 2000 dodge durango?

There isn't a water control valve.

How do you stop the water leaking from under the dashboard?

bypass the heater core by connecting the two heater hoses togethetr or replace heater core

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