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---- First, with the earflip closed, you need to push and hold the answer button until the blue light comes on steady. At this point, make sure that your phone is ready to discover, and then open the earflip. They will find each other and ask you for a passcode on the phone. Enter 0000 as the code, and that should finish you off.

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How do you connect the lg shine tu720 to your computer via blue tooth?

To connect the lg shine to your computer, you need a bluetooth adapter on your computer (like bluetooth usb or card), and the correct software. Once you got those. Enable bluetooth on your computer and search for it on your phone, and you should get connected.

How do you reply to a message on lg bluetooth?

It is not possible to reply to a message on lg Bluetooth.

Is there a company that makes a bluetooth for an LG 100c cell phone?

The lg 100c doesnt have bluetooth

Is the HS850 Bluetooth headset compatible with a LG phone?

Yes, it is. I have an LG VX9400 and and HS850 Bluetooth. Works fine.

How do you I connect my LG cookie to the internet on my mac computer?

Here are the steps I used to use my LG cookie as a modem for my macbook (Running Snow leopard) via bluetooth. 1) Ensure both the bluetooth on your LG cookie and Mac are turned on. 2) Go to the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and click "Set up bluetooth device" 3) Find the LG Cookie device (LG KP500) 4) Pair the mobile and Mac 5) A "Bluetooth Mobile Phone Setup" should appear: Set Phone Vendor to "Generic" Phone Model to "GPRS (GSM/3G)" Leave Username and Password blank APN to CID to "1" And tick "Show modem status in the menu bar" 6) Then in the menu go to the modem status and click "Connect Bluetooth DUN" AND voila you should have the Internet on your mac!! Note: as the LG cookie is not 3G so load times can be slow

Does LG E900 have bluetooth?


Which Bluetooth devices are sold by LG?

Lucky Goldstar, or LG, offers a full range of Bluetooth accessories for their phones and electronic equipment. The most popular accessory is a Bluetooth headset.

Does the lg cookie have bluetooth?

Yes it has bluetooth . It holds 8GB which is very good.

How do you connect iPhone to Bluetooth in your car?

You can connect your iPhone to your car Bluetooth but you will no be able to do anything.

How do you connect your lg cookie to wifi?

You can't connect to wifi on LG Cookie.

Does ATT lg expression connect to wifi?

can att lg xpression connect to my wifi

How do you connect Nokia 1100 to computer?

Get a USB bluetooth dongle for your pc and connect your phone via bluetooth

What is a Bluetooth telephone?

Bluetooth is device which can connect the two systems.

Your nokia n72 bluetooth is not working it show when you connect unable to perform?

bluetooth is showing my phone but not connect to my pc.

How do you connect iPhone to iMac wirelessly without need of internet?

Use bluetooth to connect them. Both are bluetooth ready.

How do you put on bluetooth on a lg cookie?

Go To Settings And Click Bluetooth Click On And Off Whenever You Want,

Why doesn't my lg phone show up in my iMac?

It has to be a Bluetooth phone and you have to have the Bluetooth turned on. You then have to pair it with your iMac.

How do you connect Bluetooth on Samsung e1120?

The Samsung E1120 has no bluetooth obtion.

Can we connect our psp console e1004 to bluetooth?

No, the E1000 series does not have Bluetooth.

Can the AT&T Z331 cell phone connect wirelessly with Bluetooth?

Of course you could do this with just about any recent phone out there using bluetooth. Simply turn on your bluetooth and using your phone find the phone's bluetooth and connect.

Does the LG KS360 have bluetooth?

yes it does its the coolest phone ever

How do you get music onto an LG KS360?

you would have to use bluetooth

How do you get songs onto your LG 800G?

You do it via bluetooth and iunes.

Can a bluetooth enabled tv communicate with a bluetooth speaker?

The TV must be with Bluetooth! If the TV is no Bluetooth! You can only connect the TV and Bluetooth speakers with audio cable!

How do you connect Bluetooth headset to your phone?

you go to your Bluetooth on your phone then look for new devices, you should find the name of the headset, then you connect :)

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