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If the two computers are connected to a network, then connect both printers to the same network. Use "add new printer" on both computers, so installing the printer driver for each printer, and both printers will show in the list of devices in My computer (if you are using MS Windows).

Or, if there is not a network, connect a separate printer to each computer.


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you connect both computers to the printers like you connect 1

Use a cross over cable to connect computer to each other, and assign manual IPs. After that share you printers within of your network of two.

To connect computers and other devices, so they can share data, and devices like printers, etc.To connect computers and other devices, so they can share data, and devices like printers, etc.To connect computers and other devices, so they can share data, and devices like printers, etc.To connect computers and other devices, so they can share data, and devices like printers, etc.

Yes, you can connect one printer to each computer and connect both computers on a local network, then install the network printer from each other's computer. Or you can give printer servers to two different printers.

It depends on the cable used to connect the two. Some older printers need a parallel port to attach to.

If you want to connect two computers together, you do not need a modem for it. If you want to connect two computers together and connect both of them to internet yes you need a modem.

You can use the switch to connect the two or more computers. You can also connect them through wireless if connected computers are wireless enabled.

Connect the printer to one of the computers and share it over the network.

Connect them with an ethernet crossover cable.

You can connect two computers directly, using a crossover cable. Note that this only works for two computers at a time; if you want to connect more computers, you should use a switch (and direct cables).

You can buy a firewire cord. That is the fastest and easiest way to connect two computers.

Yes, it's possible. Connect both printers to a computer which has wireless or lan connection with the router and activate sharing in the printers' properties. If printers have its own network interface, make sure that network properties are configured properly.

Just connect computer to computer by crossing cable connect.

It would depend on how far away the computers would be from your wireless network. You can connect multiple printers to a wireless printer, I am sure if it is a small business you can connect all.

An HDMI cable is not designed to connect two computers together.

no Actually HP offers printers that you can send to via an eprint email address.

Yes, you can connect to as many printers as you want using your computers networking options.

You can connect them with an ethernet cable, or by WiFi if they have wireless cards.

The sentence 'Computers and printers are standard equipment in most classrooms' is a compound sentence because it has more than one subject, "Computers and printers".

You can buy a switch box that have that allows you to connect two computers to one monitor and switch back and forth as you wish. You would three cables. I

LAN means Local Area Network. It can connect computers within buildings and a limited area and can also share resources like printers.

For modern computers and printers, any USB port should work.

If the two computers are on the same network, make sure the driver is installed on both computers (you can usually download it from the manufacturers website). connect it to one of the two and make sure that computer has printer sharing turned ON. Go on the other computer and go into network devices/printers, or go into Microsoft word and go file>print>find printer.

Buy a lan router, they can be used with lan cable or wireless to connect all your computers through a network. If there are only two computers that you wish to connect then you only need on lan cable which you connect in the back of each of those two computers to create a network.

The safest and easiest way to connect computers across time is with a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network that makes a tunnel between two or more computers.

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