How do you connect your 360 and cable box to your surround sound system with HDMI cables to get surround sound for all of them and get HD picture?

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You'll need a receiver with at least 2 HDMI inputs and 1 output, as well as an HD-capable cable box. Connect the XBOX and the cable box to the receiver with the HDMI cables, and then plug the HDMI output on the receiver to the TV.
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How do you connect your mini-disk to a surround sound system?

if u can use headphones on it there is a adapter that u can buy with the same male tip i think its called stereo mini and the other end will just be typical audio cables, i got mine at superstore in Canada but any electronics store ie best buy should have them......take your minidisk in with you to ( Full Answer )

If you have direct tv and a cable box a DVD a vcr with surround sound and you would like each one to be able to go through the surround sound how should you hook them all up?

I don't understand why you would have Direct TV (sattelite) and cable TV? However, it depends on the input/output combinations of each component. I have my coaxial cable from my sattelite to the sattelite in jack on the sattelite receiver, the out to TV coaxial from the sattelite receiver run to my ( Full Answer )

How do you connect surround sound to a video game system?

\n. \n Connecting Surround Sound to a Game Console \n. \n. \nthe ps2 and xbox 360 use optical outputs. The 360 requires a special a/v cable for digital audio.\nyour surround receiver should have a digital audio input that takes an optical cable.

How do you connect a surround sound system?

This question is a lengthy one. To be more specific you would need to consult your owners manual or have somebody do it for you.. Here's the basics:. Media Source - DVR, DVD Player, Video Game system, etc.... Connects to the input ports to your. Surround sound receiver. Connects to the speaker ( Full Answer )

What is the best and easiest way to wire surround sound through the walls to hide all cables?

best and only way varieson the type of wall you have in your house, if you have solid brick/block walls then the only real way is to chase the walls out with a proper chaser set to cut thinly or run an angle grinder with a wide cut diamond tip blade along your walls, once this is done then set your ( Full Answer )

Surround sound system to PS3?

You can connect a sound system through your TV or the site has a new PS3 sound system for under $200 that was designed for the PS3

Can a scart cable carry 5.1 surround sound?

Technically . . . Yes. But it would all depend on the device pushing the signal to send the proper signals through the proper pins and the receiving device to recognize these signals on the same pins. The basic setup of this cable is just left and right audio signals, as well as video.

How do you hook up an X-box 360 to a surround sound system?

There are essentially two ways to get surround sound out of the Xbox. Via HDMI or via optical (TOSLINK) out. If you have the component video cable, then the end that attaches to the Xbox has an optical out port. Simply attach this to the optical in on your home theatre receiver with an optical cable ( Full Answer )

Do HDMI cables carry sound?

hdmi is sound and picture and is used for pc tvs and gaming consoles and gives the best picture and good sound quality

Do you have to have an HDMI cable to have HD on your PS3 or can you connect it into the HDMI component on my TV?

No, to play your ps3 in HD you must have a HDMI cable. Nowadays they are going really cheap Amazon America= $7.99 Amazon UK= £4.99-£9.99 Hope t helps You can connect it to the HD component on your HDTV with no problem. Sony PS3 accessories even sell the cable for just that purpose. PS ( Full Answer )

Can you connect a non-HD television to a HD cable box?

it is normally possible to connect an HD cable box to non HD displays. In many cases, a dedicated output will provide an SD signal as a composite, S-video or component output. Some others will allow the HDMI or DVI output to be configured to supply an SD output. (Note that HDMI will handle SD or ( Full Answer )

How do you connect a boom box to surround sound?

If the content is from a boom box then it is useless to connect it to surround sound since it isn't in 5.1 surround sound. It will still only produce sound in 2 speakers.

How do i connect my projector to my PS3 and surround sound system each console only has one HDMI connection?

The PS3 is capable of outputting video from its HDMI port, while at the same time outputting audio from the PlayStation AV port. You would connect anyPS2/3 AV cable that had stereo RCA outputs (the pair of red and white plugs), but you would not connect the video plug(s) of that cable (S-video, RGB ( Full Answer )

How do you hook up HDMI cable for surround sound system?

You will need: A stereo amplifier Speakers An optical audio cable 1) Connect the HDMI cable from whatever you are trying to hook up (Virgin Box, Blu-ray player, PS3, Xbox 360) into the back of your television. 2) Connect the optical audio cable from the back of your television to the slot on your ( Full Answer )

What does a xbox 360 HDMI cable do?

The HDMI cable is made to simplify your entertainment system. It also gives you maximum high-definition. Just plug one end into your Xbox and the other into the back of your HDTV and your done setting up! Its much easier than pluging in 3 to 6 AV or component cables.

How do you hook up a HD tv and Blu-ray system and digital cable box to have the surround sound system work all the time?

Connect the AUDIO INPUT of the Sound system to the AUDIO OUTPUT of the TV set. Connect the Cable Box to the #1 VIDEO input on the TV. Connect the BLUE RAY to the #2 VIDEO input of the TV set. The TV might have a AUDIO OUTPUT function in the AUDIO MENU. switch this to FIXED. This will send a even aud ( Full Answer )

How do you connect a laptop to a surround sound?

Audio out or headset out from the laptop to audio IN on the surround unit. The audio level on the laptop might need to be set at MAX to get enough volume for the surround to use properly. To hear a full surround sound signal you will need to have content that is stored in a surround sound format a ( Full Answer )

Can you connect your Xbox 360 to a cable box?

The digital video interface on your cable box is not set up as an input. So, you cannot record the input from the xbox 360 onto your standard digital cable box even if it is an hd pvr. you need something like a capture device to record your xbox 360 video games. i prefer to use a newelectronx hd pvr ( Full Answer )

How do you connect wires to tv for surround sound cable?

It depends on what kinda setup you have and what you are going for. If you have enough inputs on your receiver, you can have all your components connected to that then have the output of your receiver go to your TV. You would always have surround sound with this setup. If you only want surround soun ( Full Answer )

How do you get balanced sound on a surround sound system?

Ususally every receiver comes with a mic that you hook up to the receiver right after you hook up all the speakers and the sub. If your receiver doesnt already sense that the jack is in you may have to go to the menu manually. put the mic where you will usually be sitting the the area and at about h ( Full Answer )

What is an HDMI cable for the xbox 360?

A HDMI cable allows you to use high-definition output in many devices, such as a Blu-Ray player, HD DVD player, not just the Xbox 360. It will only work on compliant devices, however, such as HD monitors or TVs.

I connected my thinkpad laptop to my TV using an HDMI cable but I can't get the sound to come through my surround sound speakers - If I can't do that at least tell me how to use my TV speakers?

make sure your are connecting the 3.5 mm M2M or M2A cable in the input.If that doesn't work then 1 of 2 things. 1.)you might need to buy new cables or 2.) the audio terminal is out in your home theater and you need to send it back if still in warranty or replace it. AND the answer to the second part ( Full Answer )

How do you connect a ps3 to a surround sound system?

Depends on your system. I connect mine by plugging the audio cables from my avi cables into the back of my Sony surround sound. I used my Sony Home Theater model HTSF470 to connect both my PS3 and HDTV to it connecting the PS3 as a Blue Ray Disc all with HDMI cables and also My Comcast HD Cable b ( Full Answer )

What do you look for in a surround sound system?

Well, there are lots of things to consider when buying a surround sound system: - the number of channels in the system (2.1, 5.1, 7.1, etc.) - the wattage of the amplifier in the system (a 400 watt system is going to be louder than a 200 watt amplifier, for example) - the wattage of each spea ( Full Answer )

Can you connect a reverb along with a surround sound?

You cannot add an external reverb to a surround sound (Dolby Digital or DTS) signal connected through the digital input, such as a DVD player. Many receivers can add reverb and ambient echo to the sound themselves to emulate different venues. If you want reverb for your voice for karaoke, you can do ( Full Answer )

Why does your surround system losing sound?

It is possible that the signal coming from the source is corrupted. Digital cable and sattelite boxes sometimes have sound dropouts that cannot be fixed on your end.

When using a DVI adapter with a HDMI cable how is sound processed?

DVI and HDMI cables are similar and compatible for digital video signals. HDMI also carries audio while DVI does not. If a DVI cable, connector or adapter is used anywhere in the signal path, the audio signal will be lost. As many computers have a DVI output and most televisions have HDMI inputs, ( Full Answer )

What is the best cable for surround sound?

The quality of the cable really has very little to do with the sound providing it is good and large enough to handle the power. Lamp cord often called zip cord would be fine unless you running over a 100 feet or very high power over 200 watts to the speakers.

Is it true that HDMI cables provide the best quality HD picture because the audio and video connections is in the same cable?

There is no truth in the statement. HDMI is an interface that carries digital audio and video signals. The image quality is dependent entirely on the quality and resolution of the signal that is delivered to the HDMI port by the video source. The HDMI connectors and cable carry that signal to the r ( Full Answer )

Why would an HDMI cable stop transmitting sound to the television?

The HDMI cable would stop transmitting sound once hooked up to a television if the television and laptop require another, separate, cord for the audio than the visual. The user may also need to set the television speakers on default rather than the computer or laptop speakers being set as default.