How do you connect your laptop to your PC monitor?

Its basically the same as hooking your desktop up to your monitor, depending if your laptop or the cable uses VGA, DVI, DisplayPort or HDMI. Usually there should be a port on the back or sometimes even on the side of your laptop. Most VGA ports are blue, most DVI ports are white and nearly all DisplayPort and HDMI ports are black.

Example of VGA:

Example of DVI:

Example of DisplayPort:

Example of HDMI:

If the cable that comes from the monitor is DVI (white) and the port on your laptop is VGA (blue) or vice versa, you will have to get a DVI/VGA converter, they run from 5-10 USD. In most cases you should be fine just as long as you have a VGA or DVI port on you laptop.

If you have a DisplayPort or HDMI, all you need is either an HDMI or DisplayPort cable with the same type input in your display. If you don't have DisplayPort, chances are the laptop has an HDMI so you can just use the HDMI connection. Most new displays (TV's and Monitors) have an HDMI, DVI and/or VGA input.