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if u can use headphones on it there is a adapter that u can buy with the same male tip i think its called stereo mini and the other end will just be typical audio cables, i got mine at superstore in Canada but any electronics store ie best buy should have them......take your minidisk in with you to make sure

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 00:45:07
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Q: How do you connect your mini-disk to a surround sound system?
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How do you connect a ps3 to a Philips surround sound system?

Connect the PS3 to the System and the system to the TV

How do you connect the surround sound to the playstation 3?

My system allows everything to be plugged into the Home theater or surround sound system and that to be plugged into the HDTV

How do you connect a surround sound to a PS3?

Connect your PS3 to your TV then connect you surround sound to your TV.

How do you set up surround sound on an LG smart TV?

Connect the digital audio out of the TV to the digital input of the surround sound system. If you are using a cable or satellite receiver for your programming, connect the audio output of them to the input of the surround system.

Surround sound system to PS3?

You can connect a sound system through your TV or the site has a new PS3 sound system for under $200 that was designed for the PS3

How do you connect a boom box to surround sound?

If the content is from a boom box then it is useless to connect it to surround sound since it isn't in 5.1 surround sound. It will still only produce sound in 2 speakers.

How do you hook up surround sound to your 32in tv?

Connect the sound system to the AUDIO OUTPUT connectors on the back of your TV. If theses connectors are not there you will need to get a new TV with these connectors or if there is a cable or Satt. box, connect the surround to these.

How do you get 7.1 surround sound from your playstation 3?

Connect a Home theater system with your HDTV and Plug the HDMI cable into it.

How does a Bose Surround Sound system differ from other surround sound systems?

A Bose Surround Sound system is very good quality, and therefore provides better performance than other surround sound systems.

I have a apex tv i want surround system what kind of cables do i need?

Connect the audio out of the TV to the audio input of the surround receiver with a dual RCA cable. Note that this connection isn't surround. You will need to connect a DVD, Blu-Ray or digital cable box to the surround receiver for true surround sound.

How do you balance surround sound speakers?

Usually you wouldn't need to but if you wanted to offset it from balanced or if your connection has a stronger signal in one channel than the other you can connect a preamp or an amplifier with balance control and audio inputs as well as out puts to the system. You would connect the wires going in to the surround system into the input of the preamp and then connect the output of the preamp into the input of the surround system. CAUTION do not turn the preamp volume up to high or you risk blowing the surround system.

Can I buy a DVD player with surround sound?

A DVD player does not have surround sound built into it. You can purchase surround sound speakers and connect them to the DVD player. This will make your movie experience much better.

How do you connect surround sound to a TV?

Pug it into the the output socket

What is the best surround sound system out there right now?

That is the Jamo D 7PEX 7.1 Surround-Sound Speaker System.

Can you connect Blu-ray through your DVD Home Theater system to get surround sound?

Yes. Most DVD Home Theater systems have inputs for other components. As long as it is a digital input you can get your Surround Sound from your Blu-ray through your system.

According to TrustedReviews what is the best surround sound system?

According to TrustedReviews, the best surround sound system is the LG NB4530A. This LG surround sound system currently has a rating of nine out of ten and is priced at 299.99 pounds.

How do you connect n64 to digital galaxy projector?

Connect the av cable video plug to the composite video in (yellow). Connect the left and right audio to the stereo audio input, or connect these to your surround sound system.

How to set up surround sound on my LG LED TV?

Connect the digital audio output of the TV to a surround sound receiver and speakers.

Do you hook the surround sound to the TV or satellite?

check your surround sound if it has an HDMI or AV input jacks. if it has, then you are good to go. from your satellite receiver, attach the HDMI cable or AV cable. connect it to your surround sound. after connecting the satellite receiver box and surround sound, attach the HDMI or AV cable from the surround sound to your television.

How do you connect Blu-ray player to a DVD home theater system to get surround sound?

If your DVD home theater system has a optical or coaxial digital input, connect the digital audio output of the Blu-Ray player to this input. You will not get the benefit of DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD lossless audio, but it will still be surround sound. Without a digital input, you should sell the old DVD system and buy a HDMI-capable surround receiver.

What is a surround bar used for in a home system?

The surround bar is used in a home to system to keep the sound projecting out of the home system from coming out unclear. The sound bar keeps the sound clear.

What home theater has the best surround sound?

Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System sounds real.

How do you hook your surround sound up to your 50 inch flat screen?

Connect the digital audio output from the TV to the digital input of the surround sound receiver.

Should you buy a surround sound system or sound bar for your new LED tv?

Use a sound bar only if you don't care about real surround sound and are looking for something to mount to the wall as a one-piece system. Purchase a surround receiver and speakers if you want the best sound and true surround ability.

How many speakers are used in a surround sound system?

It depends on the surround sound system used. The common surround system used is call 5.1 and consists of five speakers: Three in front and two on each sides.