How do you contact Magic Jack by telephone?

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MagicJack's contact information:
MagicJack LP/Ymax Corp, 5700 Georgia Ave., Palm Beach, FL 33405
Telephone: 561-586-3380
Fax: 561-586-2328

Tried faxing to no avail. Called landline and they indicated they could not froward fax to Magicjack as they were only a domain provider. They indicated that if I forwarded a registered letter they would forward it to Magicjack.

This Magicjack is totally reprehensible when it comes to customer service. Once they have your money all your problems are directed off shore through their online assistance and they are useless.

Save your money because if you have a problem it is a ghost company.
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What happened to Magic Jack?

It must be thriving. I think it's great. See their website at It is now being sold in some retail stores, so they may not be running their infomercial as often as when that was the main way to sell it. MagicJack has gone one step further and introduced MagicJack Plus. It is an app ( Full Answer )

How do you wire an RJ11 telephone jack?

To connect an RJ11 telephone jack, first, strip the telephone line providing the dial tone. Then, strip those wires to show the copper. Then, loosen the screws on the jack. Connect the red wire to the red screw, and tighten the screw. Connect the green wire to the green screw, and tighten the screw. ( Full Answer )

Has anyone tried the magic jack?

One of the guys that lives with me has Magic Jack. He uses it to call his family in Canada while he's in the states for school. It works pretty well for the most part but sometimes they have trouble hearing him like the connection is too dim and they can't hear him well. His computer isn't the great ( Full Answer )

Where do l buy a magic jack?

Magic Jack is available at numerous online stores as well as many retailers in North America and Europe. Prices vary significantly so it is worth shopping for the best price.

What is Magic Jack?

Magic Jack is a device that plugs into one of the USB ports on your computer. One of your telephones plugs into the Magic Jack. While your computer is on, and it is connected to the internet, you can call anywhere in the US and Can, unlimited. It costs $39 for the device and it also includes 1 year ( Full Answer )

How do you set up a magic jack?

When I set up mine, all I did was connect it to my USB port, using the little extension cord included with the device. The computer recognizes and self installs necessary software. The internet must be on while this is happening. the program accesses the Magic Jack site and you need to give them cre ( Full Answer )

What is Jack Nicholson's contact information?

Jack Nicholson WikiAnswers does not provide private phone numbers, email or residential addresses for any person, celebrity or non-celebrity alike. But fret not! you can send fan mail to the following address: Jack Nicholson Bresler Kelly & Associates 11500 West Olympic Boulevard Suit ( Full Answer )

What is the Magic Jack phone number?

This is his friend and I probably shouldn't do this but his number is 847-902-6603. Call text and FaceTime him. He might answer you.

Why does your magic Jack not come in clearly?

\nThe magic jack probably doesn't have clear reception for a number of reasons. The first is that since it is so cheap, all of the magic jacks do not work the way they are described. The second reason is most likely the speed of your internet connection. If it isn't the fastest, it isn't the best ( Full Answer )

How does Magic jack work?

Magic Jack is a usb device that plugs into any Windows based/Internet Equipped PC. The magic jack device uses an internet connection (in conjunction with a vast network of communication systems, some non internet based) to place and receive telephone calls. The use of the internet in this senario is ( Full Answer )

Is magic Jack Mac compatible?

The Magic Jack USB telephone service is compatible with Macs that have an Intel processor.

How good is Magic Jack?

Magic Jack is good and cheap, it is basically free. If its free its for me (well you). Yea having it is good so problems.......hope none coem in the future ok. MagicJack is not bad. But be prepared for many issues that can arrise from the device. First of all this is a ( Full Answer )

How do you contact magic jack by email?

In order to contact Magic Jack by email, you will need to visittheir official webpage. From there, click 'contact us'. You canthen send them an email regarding technical issues or customerservice requests.

In Australia where is to buy a magic Jack?

For International purchasing try - they also have an unblocking software that lets you use magic jack in countries that block magic jack.

Pros and cons for magic jack?

Pros: none Cons:everything,terrible,doesn't work,Is really slow. My friend had one. I put had not has

Does magic jack work in the philippines?

The Magic Jack will work in the Philippines. If the person settingup the account wants to make free calls to the United States theyneed to choose to have a United States number when they registerthe product. If they get a Philippines number then they would needto purchase international calling minut ( Full Answer )

Is magic jack available in Oman?

You can purchase a magicJack phone adaptor online. To get the service you pay about $20 per year and must have a computer with one of the high-speed internet services. Check out I consider it a great service.

Can't dial out on magic jack?

Make sure you have lastest updates and computer is relatively new (may need to get power usb ports or a new pci usb card. ALternatively if you have firewall disable and see if works. need port 5060 and 5070 open udp. Hey, had that problem too.... discovered by accident that the new windows firewa ( Full Answer )

How do you contact Paramore by telephone?

I'd have to say there is no number you can contact the whole band with. But usually there are fan sites where you can email them and sometimes they give you an address for snail mail. But phone numbers would be really hard to get because then it gets really personal, and if they did have one a secre ( Full Answer )

Can you use magic jack for fax?

I don't think magic has faxing features, Although magic jack is a voip service but faxing over internet uses account or specialized fax software. Try RingCentral for better understanding of internet faxing.

How do you call Japan on magic jack?

japan called magic jack because we all know that japan is one of the most country having an advantage in technology.

Will magic jack work in Korea?

Yes it can. I was in Iraq and it work really well there. As long as you have an internet connection.

Does magic Jack work in Dubai?

Use the service Great voice quality and let your magic jack and skype works in any country in the world

How do you install Magic Jack in a computer?

You would simply plug it in a USB port. Then the device will download any software it needs and install itself on your computer. With a Magic Jack Plus, you can install it with the above instructions. Or, alternately, you can plug the Magic Jack Plus into the included wall adapter which goes in an ( Full Answer )

Does magic jack damage your computer?

I have been using Magic Jack on a regular basis for two years and have had no problems with people "getting into" my computer, or catching viruses, etc.

Can you fax with magic jack?

generally, no. It's a complicated answer, however it has to do with the way magic jack compresses the voice signal and how a fax does as well - the two are incompatible. You would be best to get a fax service or a separate line for a fax machine.

How do you use a fax with magic Jack?

Magic jack is designed specifically for calls. But there is a faxing service available that uses internet connection to send faxes, this is the online fax service.

How to get telephone contact numbers of small businesses?

You can use online yellow pages directories and white pages directories to find contact numbers of small businesses. If your list is big, then manually copying the phone numbers for all the businesses will really take a lot of effort.

Will magic jack work in Brazil?

Yes it would. Just plug it in a high speed internet, and the system would work as it was in the U.S.

Can telephone companies be contacted via email?

Yes, many telephone companies can be contacted by email. It will probably take you longer to get a response if you try to contact them via email. You will most likely get a better answer if you call them on the phone.

How does magic jack 2 work?

It has a chip inside that receives same signal as a phone line. Just plug it into the wall or you can use the computer to plug it in to.

Who sells magic jack plus?

MagicJack PLUS can be ordered directly online from the MagicJackwebsite. Additionally, it is also available at retailers such asBest Buy.

Is there telephone contact in Antarctica?

Many research stations use INMARSAT as a telephone service, simply because Antarctica is so far away -- around the curve of the earth -- from any other service.

What is the telephone contact of capital FM?

Captial FM is a radio station broadcast by several different stations in the United Kingdom. You can visit their website to locate which station is closest to you and then gain their telephone information.

Is magic jack 411 free?

Magic Jack 411 home phone service is not free. The current monthly charge for their service is $9.99 a month plus state tax and government mandated fees.

What is Sky's contact telephone number?

Sky is a British satellite broadcasting company that operates several channels within the United Kingdom. One of their primary contact numbers is 0844 995 95 95 for customer service. "Sky" is the brand name of BSkyB in the U.K..

How can one contact Verizon phones by telephone?

It is possible for one to contact Verizon using the telephone number 1-800-VERIZON, or 1-800-837-4966 if you do not have an alphanumeric keypad on your telephone.

Is it possible to contact by telephone?

No. does not have a phone number in which you can call.However there is a huge community that is here to help. Click thefollowing link to go to the forum

What is magic jack phone?

magicJack is a device that can be inserted into a USB port on a user's computer