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MagicJack's contact information:

MagicJack LP/Ymax Corp, 5700 Georgia Ave., Palm Beach, FL 33405

Telephone: 561-586-3380

Fax: 561-586-2328

Tried faxing to no avail. Called landline and they indicated they could not froward fax to Magicjack as they were only a domain provider. They indicated that if I forwarded a registered letter they would forward it to Magicjack.

This Magicjack is totally reprehensible when it comes to customer service. Once they have your money all your problems are directed off shore through their online assistance and they are useless.

Save your money because if you have a problem it is a ghost company.

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โˆ™ 2014-02-19 23:15:58
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โˆ™ 2020-04-22 21:36:40

I have tried for days to contact M.Jack wasting a lot of time and money. There is no way to get any help. If you are luck and get some one to answer the ph. it will be some one in the Philippines who can hardly speak English and are no help at all. I have been a M. J. customer for years and never before have I had so much trouble trying to get help. I tried calling the home office listed on the net and it is not longer in service.

Don't waist your money. James

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Q: How do you contact Magic Jack by telephone?
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Is magic Jack Mac compatible?

The Magic Jack USB telephone service is compatible with Macs that have an Intel processor.

What is the telephone bill for an average house?

$20.00 a year if you use THE MAGIC JACK

How do you contact magic jack by email?

In order to contact Magic Jack by email, you will need to visit their official webpage. From there, click 'contact us'. You can then send them an email regarding technical issues or customer service requests.

How do you connect a telephone line to Magic Jack?

You need a model 218231656d849236hh4iri726817y2gf488712653hhfhffat Port converter

Can magic jack browse regular internet?

Magic Jack is not a browser. It is a device that plugs into a USB connector on your computer that you can plug a telephone into. It allows you to make and receive phone calls.

Is magic Jack a scam?

no, magic jack has saved me a lot of money.

Which is better Magic Jack or Ooma?

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Magic jack on my iphone is it possible?

where can i get amagic jack for 19.00?

where can i get magic jack for 19.99 the south of chicago do walgeen carry19.99 magic jack

Does magic Jack work in Cuba?

Magic jack plus. Need to have internet

Can you fax from magic Jack?

sure you can, i do it all the time

I butno have a Magic Jack I have a magic jack plus, a?

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How can you call your magic jack in Australia if you live in the Philippines?

yes,i can call my magic jack.

In Australia where is to buy a magic Jack?

For International purchasing try - they also have an unblocking software that lets you use magic jack in countries that block magic jack.

How do you connect a telephone to the telephone port on your computer?

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Switch to Att. You get what you pay for. Magic Jack is cheap service

Can you please help me set up account for magic jack?

Magi Jack is a plug and play device. Ensure you are connected to the Internet and plug the magic jack into the USB port. The MJ screen should come up and prompt for registration. If that is not working, you can contact a Representative within a live chat at

Were does the phone line go on a magic jack?

There is a place to plug in the phone cord directly into the Magic Jack box, and then the box is plugged into your router or computer depending on which kind of Magic Jack you have.

Do you cancel existing phone service before using magic jack?

Yes. Cancel it, and then get Magic Jack.

Can Magic Jack be used from Pakistan to US?

No Magic Jack can't be used form Pakistan to the US.

Can you use a fax machine with magic jack?

Some newer fax machines will work with Magic Jack. Magic Jack does not support faxing through their service, and success has been hit and miss.

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