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you cant tom delonge is like a god walking amongst mere mortals

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Who is the lead singer of angels and airwaves?

tom delonge is the lead singer of angels and airwaves.

How can you contact tom delonge lead singer of angles and airwaves?

i think you mean angels & airwaves. he lives in san diego. look in the yellow pages. :D

What is the lead singer's name of angels and airwaves?

Thomas Matthew "Tom" DeLonge, Jr.

What band did tom delonge play in before blink 182?

angels and airwaves dumb asses

Who is the best guitar player alive today?

Tom Delonge from Blink-182, Boxcar Racer and Angels & Airwaves.

Does tom delonge have kids?

Yes. He has a daughter named Ava and a son named Rocket. His band Angels And Airwaves' name is shortened to AvA after his daughter

What is the name of the band that guitar player from blink 182 started?

angels and airwaves is the band that tom delonge started after leaving blink 182 in 2005

Who is Tom DeLonge?

Tom DeLonge (born December 13, 1975 in Poway, California) is an American singer-songwriter who has performed with the bands Blink-182, Box Car Racer, and Angels and Airwaves. DeLonge plays several musical instruments, including guitar, bass, trumpet and piano.

What was the two a days theme song?

The War By Angels And Airwaves The War By Angels And Airwaves

Who plays guitar for blink-182?

Tom Delonge is the gutarist and makes up part of the vocals. he also plays in a band called angels and airwaves where he is also the guitarist and singer. :)

Who is the drummer in angels and airwaves?

The drummer in Angels and Airwaves is Ilan Rubin. The old drummer was Atom (Adam) Willard.

What are angels and airwaves fans called?

Army Of Angels I think.

What song did tom delonge write for a rapper and who was the rapper?

Tom DeLonge wrote a song called "Good Day" for a rapper named Talib Kweli. But Geffen Records told Tom to keep it for his band Angels and Airwaves' album We Don't Need To Whisper. Talib Kweli then sued Tom for "loss of earnings."

Will angels and airwaves tour Australia again?


What are the release dates for Check 12 - 2003 Angels and Airwaves?

Check 12 - 2003 Angels and Airwaves was released on: USA: 17 May 2010

What are the release dates for Backstage Pass - 2005 Angels and Airwaves?

Backstage Pass - 2005 Angels and Airwaves was released on: USA: 22 June 2006

What are the release dates for House Band - 2005 Angels and Airwaves?

House Band - 2005 Angels and Airwaves was released on: USA: 3 July 2006

What is the release date of movie LOVE 2011?

Tom DeLonge confirmed via Angels & Airwaves' website that they will release their movie, LOVE, on November 11, 2011. In unison, the band will also release the album, LOVE II on the same date.

What is the song in the Ntelos commercial?

Angels and Airwaves - The Adventure

What does tom delonge do since leaving blink 182?

Made an album with a band called Boxcar Racer which he fronted, made a supergroup called Angels & Airwaves which has released 3 albums, currently in the making of another, 1 film and also, making another.

How did angels airwaves get their name?

I think it's because Tom thought that they were going to be the next coming of Jesus Christ, so to speak. That's where the "Angels" part comes in. Then, since it would be playing on the radio (supposedly); "Airwaves". Airwaves= Radio. That's where it comes from.

Whats song when tom delonge talks about his life?

Depends which song you're talking about... Blink or AvA. But if you're talking about the song where he sings about his dad cheating on his mom and leaving and all that good stuff.... It's called Rite of Spring and it's by Angels And Airwaves.

What are the release dates for Angels and Airwaves Start the Machine - 2008?

Angels and Airwaves Start the Machine - 2008 was released on: USA: 14 June 2008 (San Diego, California) (premiere)

What song by angels and airwaves talks about sneaking out through a window?


Who is more famous Angels and Airwaves or The Offspring?

I'd say The Offspring.

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