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How do you contact a big record company?


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You need a agent in order to be signed to a record company or commonly refer to as a label. You can be a independent artist and still find ways to get out there.


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Contact her record company probably

Talk to his record company.

Contact their record company or their P.A's send a letter?

her record company is Big Machine Records :) hope this helps :)

Usually, you can search for their name on the internet with the word "contact" after the name of the company. Almost all the big companies will have a specific contact page that lets you know how to get in contact with them... by phone or email, or whatever they offer.

what is TI record company? what is TI record company?

you have to drop in your demo to a record company. look for some record labels online or ask someone you know if they know where any record label are and make sure you leave your contact number as well

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Contact your agent or policy services for your company and they will be able to tell you.

Taylor Swift is signed to Big Machine Records.

Taylor Swift is signed to Big Machine Records.

With the county the home is in. Contact the county clerk/recorder to record your deed of trust or hire a title company to do it for you.

I think her mom is her manager. But, i think that if you go to (Big Machine Records is her record label), then there you can find some contact information.

How do you contact the rival company for parts ?

I have also wanted to get a record deal with Big Machine Records.The way I would go about it is to visit their website, Google the big machine records official site.Go to there contact page and you can send them an email or something. Then I am sure before just giving you a record deal they would request an interview or demo CD.After this you could get a record deal with Big Machine Records.

If a person is a rapper and wants to be found ("get signed" or "get a record deal") they have to get in contact with a record company that is accepting unsolicited demos. They can mail or email their demo to record companies, and wait to hear back.

You will need to contact the agent or policy services dept for the insurance company for this answer.

Record the serial number then contact the company. Using the serial number they can tell you the year it was made.

what is the contact no for company

Archenemy Record Company was created in 1997.

American Record Company was created in 1979.

Gallo Record Company was created in 1926.

she was signed to a record deal in late 2005, so she's been with them 4-5 years..

David Geffen can be contacted through his record or film company. He is a well known entertainer and philanthropist. Contact, typically through the mail, if including a legitimate reason for contact may generate a personal response.

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