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How do you control dandruff?


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October 25, 2011 1:38AM

There are many basic remedies that you can take to keep your hair dandruff free. A warm coconut oil head massage can do wonders. Apart from making your hair lustrous and shiny, the optimized oil levels keep the scalp nourished while the vigorous massage aids better blood circulation, exfoliates the scalp of dead skin build up. A teaspoon of fresh lime juice in the last hair rinse combined with a light weight conditioner can also be effective to treat dandruff. Furthermore, this adds much needed luster to the hair as well. In addition, an individual needs to keep off from strong teas or coffee, pickles, as well as refined and processed foods. If still you feel that these tips are not helping you much, you may visit the link wherein they have this natural therapie which grows your hair within 45 days and it is economical too….