How do you control the Spitfire fighter controls?

The Spitfire's controls were no different than any other fighter of the period. Main control was on a 'joystick ' between the pilots knees, rudder pedals under his feet and a throttle lever at his left hand.

Sorry, but Fixit895 couldn't be more wrong. The Spitfire was rather unique in that the control stick didn't move in all directions. The stick moved forward and backward only to control the horizontal surfaces on the tail called the 'elevator'. Pushing forward on the stick makes the tail rise and the nose to drop, pulling back on the stick caused the tail to drop and the nose to come up. On most fighter aircraft, moving the stick to the left makes the left wing drop and the right to come up, and vice versa. The designers at Vickers-Supermarine chose to outfit the Spitfire with a control yoke of the type more commonly found on larger aircraft having a pilot/co-pilot arrangement. This control type can best be described as an automobile's steering wheel on the control stick. The plane is rolled left or right by turning the wheel, rather than by moving the stick left and right.