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How do you control your frustration at a neighbor who is conceited narcissistic and is always praising himself for his physical attractiveness?

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2011-09-13 00:46:40

Anyone who would actually go on like that probably believes that

there isn't much about him that is worth recommending. He probably

doesn't feel smart, successful, loved or capable of being loved. If

he points out what he considers to be a good quality, and does it

often enough, it may give him a small amount of comfort in a world

that is otherwise quite painful for him.

Violence will just reinforce his feelings of worthlessness and

make him turn more to self praise. There is probably nothing that

you could possibly do that will help him, so perhaps the best thing

would be to avoid him.

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I have no idea why you are even talking to this neighbor if he

bothers you too much. I'd simply ignore him. There is more to this

guy than meets the eye and I don't think it has anything to do with

Narcissism. Stay clear of him!

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This person is obviously conceited and stuck on himself. Although

all narcissists posess this quality not everyone who behaves this

way is a narcissist. You must have some kind of feeling for him or

attraction if he is getting to you. The best way to handle him,

narcissist or not is to just ignore him. He is like a six year old

blowing up a big ballon, (his ego) and wants everyone to notice

him. People are not going to change their behavior to keep from

Frustrating you. In fact if they knew it was getting to you they

would enjoy dong it all the more.

Some other things that would cause someone to behave this way

are: drug addiction (cocaine), mania phase of Bipolar disorder,

Paranoid schizoprenia, or even something called "situational

narcissitic syndrome" which is narcissistic behavior that is acute

and transient as oposed to classical disorder. Also fellows into

show business or do body building etc., they are appearance/body

concious so believe others notice only that about them.

A person with histrionic disorder is very body concious and

actually in love with their physical body person, dressing

provacatively and using their body image to manipulate others. A

naricissist is very similar outwardly to histrionics. However, it

is their false self image that they are fascinated with and they

use others as a mirror to reflect back on themselve who they are.

Vanity is a sin, and a big part of narcissist life. It isn't even

themselves they love, just their false image.

Whatever the case is, it is best to avoid people that are

conceited and cultivate other kinds of relationships with the

"other" NPD (normal personality disorder) By the time you get to

know Mr. Ego enough to figure out if he is a classical narcissist

he will have burned you already. Just keep your distance and

observe how he treats others and how others behave towards him.

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