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How do you convert 3 meter per second into seconds?

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Create the inverse, so this is 1/3 seconds per metre, then divide by how many metres

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How do you convert meter per hour to meter per second?

You divide by 3600 - since an hour has 3600 seconds.

How do you convert miles per second to meter per seconds?

Use this conversion: miles per second x 1,609.344 = meters per second.

How do you convert cubic meter per second to meter per second?

You cannot convert cubic meters per second to meters per second. You cannot convert volume to length.

What is the SI unit of speed?

Meter per second (or ) m / smeter per second

How do you convert miles per hour to meter per seconds?

Use this formula: mph x 0.447 = meters per second

Convert 12 minutes to meter per second?

You cannot convert minutes to meter per second. because minutes is a time unit and meter per second is a velocity unit.

How do you convert meter per seconds into kilometer per hour?

The conversion factor is 3.6. So, meters per second x 3.6 = kph.

How do you Convert 450 meters per second to feet per second?

One meter per seconds equals 3.28 feet per second. Therefore, 450m/sec = 450 x 3.28 = 1,476 feet per second.

Convert your answer from 3 to meters per second?

0.83333. A meter per second is a unit of speed. One meter per second is exactly 3.6 kilometers per hour, or about 2.237 miles per hour.

How do you convert 130 meter per second into miles per hour?

Multiply by (the number of seconds in an hour)/(number of metres in a mile) = 3600/1609.344

How do you convert 4.4 miles per hour per second to meters per seconds squared?

(4.4 miles / hour-second) x (1609.344 meters / mile) x (1 hour / 3,600 seconds) =1.967 meter / sec2 (rounded)

How do you convert pulses per meter into pulses per second?


How do you convert 10 meter per second to liters per second?

you can say a liquid pours at 10 liters per second but you cant convert that to a length

How do I convert meters per square second to meters per second?

Multiply by seconds.

Convert 1 MLD to cubic meter per second?

1 mld means how much meter cube per second

How many miles per seconds are in meters per second?

0.0006214 miles per second = 1 meter per second.

Convert cubic meter per minute to meter per second?

Formula: m3/min x 0.01667 = cubic meters per second

How do convert seconds to centimeters per second?

You cannot. Seconds are a measure of time only. Centimetres per second is a measure of speed.

If the wind is blowing 22 miles per hourout of the north how would you convert this to meters per second?

Divide the speed of the wind by 2.236936 mile seconds per meter hours.

Convert 12mph into meter per second?

12 mph = 5.3645 meters per second (rounded)

What is 60km per hour convert to meter per seconds?

60 km per hour = 16.667 mps

What is the car's average acceleration if it slows down from 22.0 meter per second to 15.7 meter per second in 2.15 seconds?

It's a deceleration of 2.93 meters per second squared

How do you convert seconds to meters per second?

This question doesn't make a lot of sense. Maybe something is missing? To convert seconds to metres per second you would need to divide the metres given by the number of seconds used. If all you have is seconds, and no distance, then you are stuck. Metres per second is a measure of speed and seconds is a measure of time. Speed=distance/time. So divide your metres by your seconds to get metres per second.

If speed is measured in meter per second and time is measured in seconds what is the Si unit for acceleration?

It is metres per second per second or metres per second squared.

How do you convert 28.0 miles per hour into kilometer per hour and meter per second?

To convert from miles per hour to km per hour, multiply mph by 1.609.To convert to meters per second, multiply mph by 0.447