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If you multiply area by area you require four dimensions...

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How do you convert 325 square feet to a room size?

Imagine a room 25 feet by 13 feet. That room has an area of 25 x 13 or 325 square feet.

How many 325 square feet is how many square meter?

325 square feet is 30.19 square meters.

How many square feet are 13 by 25?

If mean how many square feet are in 13 feet by 25 feet, then the answer is 325 square feet. (13 x 25 = 325)

How much is 200 feet x 325 feet as acre or lot size?

43,560 square feet = 1 acre200' x 325' = 65,000 square feet = 1.492 acres

How many square feet in .325 acre?

Answer: .325 acre = 14,157 ft²

How big is six flags magic mountain in square feet?

260 acres = 11 325 600 square feet

How big is Africa by sqare feet?

Africa has an area of approx 325 trillion square (not sqare) feet.

What size dehumidifier for 325 square feet?

It depends on what sort of environment you are looking to use it in.

What is the square foot of 325 inches?

None. An inch is a measure of distance and cannot be converted to square feet which is a measure of area.

Is 325 a perfect square?

No, 325 is not a perfect square however 324 is a perfect square.

Square root of 325?

the square root of 325 is 18.02775738 (approx.)

How long is 325 miles in feet?

One mile is 5,280 feet. Therefore, 325 miles = 325 x 5,280 = 1,716,000 feet.

How many yards is 325 feet?

1 yard = 3 feet 325 feet/3 =108.333 yards 325 feet = 108 1/3 yards

How many feet is 325 meters?

325 metres = 1066.3 feet (approx).

What is 325 percent into a decimal?

To convert 325% to decimal divide by 100: 325% ÷ 100 = 3.25

How many 6X6 square feet tile will it take to cover 325 square feet?

Area of each tile = 6 ft * 6 ft = 36 square ft Area to be covered = 325 Number of tiles required = 325/36 = 9.03 = 10 That is the mathematical answer. In real life the number of tile required will depend on how "well-behaved" the shape is, what proportion of offcuts can be used.

How do you Convert 325 feet per second to miles per hour?

Use this formula: feet per second x 0.6818 = miles per hour:325 ft/sec x 0.6818 = about 221.6 miles per hour

How may square feet are in a 13 foot by 25 foot area?

you simply multiply the two and you find that it contains 325 feet squared.

How many cubic yards in 325 square feet?

This is not a valid conversion. Cubic units is a measure of volume while square units is a measure of area.

Convert 325 Fahrenheit to Celsius?

325 F is 162.777778 or 162.78 degrees Celsius.

How do you convert 325 sq ft to inches?

A square foot is a unit of area. An inch is a unit of distance. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How do you convert 0.325 into a fraction?

To convert 0.325 to a fraction, put 325 over 1000. The fraction is 325/1000. In lowest terms it is 13/40.

Is the furY 325 bigger than the intimnator?

Yes. There is an Intimidator at Carowinds and an Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion. Intimidator 305 is 305 feet and Intimidator is 232 feet. Fury 325 is 325 feet.

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