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You need to use clone CD

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How can you convert ISO into PS1 games?

A converter can be used to convert ISO files into PS1 games. ISO files can also be converted into PSP games.

How do you convert PC games to ps1 games?

Games must be redesigned and arr not converted. The PS1 can not play PC games and does not have the capability to play PC games through emulation programs that can be used by a PC to play PS1 games

How do you convert PS1 bin files to ISO?

How do you convert games to ISO?

use ImgBurn

How do convert PS1 games onto PC?

You don't change the games and instead change your PC with an emulator to be able to play a PS1 game

Can you convert PlayStation 1 games to PlayStation 2?

No. Even if the title can be played on a PS2 it is still a PS1 game and is not converted to PS2 because it can still play on a PS1 you can play playstation one games on the ps2 and you can play ps2 games on a ps1 .i known because i have done this before

Do you have to buy a PS1 to play PS1 games?

No both the PS2 and PS3 will play PS1 games

Who many games does the PS1 have?

The PS1 has 7,918 games bud

Do ps2 games work on ps1?

NO ps2 games don't work in Ps1 only Ps1 games works on Ps2

Can you convert ps2 game into PS1 format?

No you can not, The game would have to be developed for the PS1

Do PS2 games work with the PS1?

No, but PS1 games work with PS2.

Can PS1 games work on ps2?

Yes,you run Ps1 games on your Ps2

How does the PS2 play PS1 Games?

With a emulator for the PS1

Can ps1 games save on ps1?

umm, obviously

Will games written for PS1 play on a PS2 console?

games for a PS1 will work on a PS2 but will not be any better quality, and games for a PS2 will not work on a PS1 Yes. They can. But the graphics may not be as good on a PS2 as a PS1.

How do you convert PC game into PS1 game?

You don't. Games are software developed for the product they were designed for and only another device with an emulator program to mimic that device can play them. A PS1 could not run an emulator program for PC games

How do you convert PS1 games to computer?

Games are not converted. What you do is get a emulator program to make your PC run the PS1 game like a Playstation. The game's software does not change you add software to your computer to allow it to play the game like a Playstation

How do you convert rar to iso?

RAR and ISO are forms of file compression formats. In order to convert a RAR file to ISO file, one needs to first extract the contents of the RAR into a folder. After this, use ISO creating softwares such as Power ISO or Brasero to convert the folder contents into one ISO file.

Can you convert ps2 games into ps1 format?

that is impossiblethe ps1 doesn't have enough power ( graphics, ram, and some other stuff )doesn't read DVDsand the file structure is not the samesorry

How do you play ps1 games on mac?

With a emulator program for the PS1

Can you play GTAin PS1?

There are three GTA games on the PS1.

Can you download PS1 games on your PS3?

Yes you can download PS1 games on PS3. Lower level paystation games can be downloaded into higher level paystsions. But you cannot download PS3 games on PS1.

Can ps1 games play on PS3?

Yes, PS1 games are playable on all models of the PS3.

Can you save ps1 games on a ps2?

Only With A PS1 Memory Card.

How can you play ps1 games with computer?

On a computer with a PS1 emulator yes