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== == You don't have to do anything. A car made in Canada is completely acceptable in the USA, in fact about 50 percent of all the cars made in Canada, ARE SOLD IN THE USA.

Cars made in Canada for sale in the USA by the manufacturer may or may not have day time running lights, and they will have English measurement dominant gauges in the instrumention. (Miles per hour, not Kilometers per hour, etc.) There are distinctions among parts used int e final assembly. Also, in some cases, for emission controls. With electronic instruments, this may be no issue as there is a Metric/English switch, but analog instruments my represent a problem. Best to check with your state's department of motor vehicles office to be safe before assuming there will no changes required to register a car made for Canadian sale. Especially if you are in California or Colorado, regarding emissions laws.

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Q: How do you convert a Canadian vehicle to American?
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