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You need a videocapture card. There are a lot available these days, and you can find one that has a right price. Connect your VCR to the video capture card, start the recording software, start the VCR, it is as simple as that. Four years ago you needed to have a really powerful computer to be able to do that, however these days, any average computer would be able to host this process.

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Q: How do you convert a VHS video to a computer format?
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How do you convert VHS video to a digital format?

You can convert VHS video to a digital format through a service offered at some Costco locations. Costco will convert your VHS video to digital formats such as DVD and Blu Ray.

How can I convert VHS video to a digital format?

It is quite simple to turn a VHS format tape into a digital format like a DVD. The simplest way to do this would be to purchase a VHS-to-DVD converter from a place like Best Buy to convert VHS tapes.

Where can someone find information on how to convert their VHS movies to DVD format?

You can find information on how to convert VHS to DVD from online video marketing. Actually you can just bring your VHS to Walmart, they will do it for you and convert it to DVD.

How are vhs formated tapes played on apple computers?

To use VHS tapes on an Apple computer you will need some means of getting the video signal into the computer. A product like Elgato's EyeTV 250 (See links below) enables the user to capture the video and convert it into a computer friendly format.

Can you record video from a VHS camcorder to the computer?

No you can not record straight from a VHS camcorder in to your computer. The video that is stored on the VHS tape has to be digitized first.

What VHs video format is used in Singapore?


Can you play VHS tapes on the computer and if so with what system?

Three things you need to play a VHS video on a computer. 1. VHS player. 2. Video capture card. 3. video editing software. VHS player output supposed to be connected to the video capture card's input. By using the video editing software, you can play or edit the video from VHS with your computer.

how to convert my vhs video to digital video?

In order to convert vhs to digital video you will need several pieces of hardware, including a vhs to CD-ROM converter, S-video ports, external capture boxes, special video capture cards, among other things.

Can I convert all my workout videos to DVD format?

You can if you have the right technology. Inquire your local video experts to learn how you can go about reformatting your VHS to DVD format so you can have them all on a DVD.

Can you use maxell cassette adapter VHS c to convert video 8 P6-120MP tapes to VHS or DVD?

NO you cannot. AS video8 is digital and VHS is analog so they dont work together. The adaptor will only work with VHS-C tapes. What I would recommend is using a video transfer service to convert your video 8 tapes into a digital format. Watch and edit the digital files on your computer or get the tapes transferred to DVDs. StashSpace.Com does a good job at this, costs $7 for the transfer to digital and $10-15 for DVDs.

Does the Roxio Easy VHS come with a driver for your VHS tapes?

No, but it does come with the Roxio Video Capture USB device. This device allows you to connect your VHS player or camcorder into the supplied usb device and allows you to then convert the software into a DVD format. So you will need to have your own VHS player or equivalent.

How do you import VHS to Windows Movie Maker?

You have to convert the VHS to DV format before it can be imported into Windows Movie Maker. You can't import it directly from the VCR input source because it is in the wrong format.I use a VHS to DVD program (that I purchased) to convert VHS format. But, I believe there are some free downloadable programs out there that offer it too. Try googling: VHS to DVD and see what you come up with. Unless you are going to go out and buy software to convert it, that's your best bet.

How do you record from VCR to computer?

Video Capture Card with Video In/Out connectors can be configured on Computer for Recording VHS videos from VCR to Computer.

Can you convert VHS to digital format on an iMac with just iMovie and an S-Video and RCA to USB adapter cable?

No, not without additional software like Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. Or you can use an external USB capture card.

What sort of hardware do you need to use Roxio Easy Vhs To DVD?

To use the Roxio Easy Vhs To DVD, you need a VHS camcorder or VCR, and a computer with a USB port. The Roxio plugs into both and captures your VHS video on your computer.

Was Beta format before VHS?

Betamax video was out at the same time as VHS video but came out 1 year before vhs did, In the 1970s. The beta format was smaller than vhs and had a better performance operation. It gradually lost out to vhs as that format became more popular. As a matter of interest, there were other formats of recording equipment available at the time. Phillips video 2000, was an even bigger tape version than vhs. Philips also manufactured a laser disc player/recorder similar to dvd but much bigger. Sony developed the U-matic tape as long ago as 1969.

What is a good method to transfer VHS to DVD?

There are several good methods to transfer old VHS to DVD. You can put the VHS video onto a computer video editing program and make a DVD from there. You can also connect the VHS to a stand alone DVD recorder and transfer from there.

How do you convert HI-8 to standard VHS?

There is no tape adaptor to convert Hi8 tapes to VHS. There does exist such a device for VHS-C tapes which many people confuse with hi8 tapes. You can however have a hi8 player ouput video into a VCR and use the VCR to record onto a VHS tape.Connect video and audio out to the video and audio in on a VCR. Play the Hi-8 tape and hit record on the VCR.The Hi8 format is totally different than the VHS format, so anything mechanical or the like is out of the question. The nice thing is that your Hi8 camera (or player, if you have one) has video and audio outputs that are compatible with the "standard" input/output video and audio of a VHS VCR. The trick is simply to jack the Hi8 camera or player outputs directly into the VHS VCR inputs to transfer your video over to the VHS format. If you want to monitor things, hook up the video and audio outputs of the VCR to the TV or use the RF cable connector to get the signal over to your monitor. Remember to go directly from the Hi8 unit to the VCR so you don't lose signal quality.The jacks are almost all the standard RCA "phono" type ones, so cables aren't exotic or expensive. Use a fresh VHS tape for best results. In the not-too-distant future, you might be switching again - to a digital format. Start planning to do so in the next year. Arguably the best way to do this is to take advantage of advances in modern electronics, media and computer technology. Your computer can be upgraded by getting a video in/out card and using the onboard DVD burner (or one you upgrade to). Once digitized, the video can be stored as data, edited and then "burned" onto a DVD. DVD and CD life is a couple of hundred years. Digital data can be stored almost indefinitely, with some forethought and care. Best of luck with your video project.Another option is to use a video transfer service. Most convert directly to DVD but some like StashSpace.Com let you watch and edit your video online before burning it to DVD. The cost to transfer a tape at StashSpace is $7.

How do you convert old vhs-c cassettes to dvds. they are the little ones that you would put into a vhs tape adapter then put into a vhs player to watch. how would i convert to a dvd. please help asap?

Using the adapter, play the tape as normal on a VHS player. You also need a dedicated DVD recorder, or a computer with DVD burner and AV capture card. Hook the VHS player to the computer or recorder via the Phono leads (or SCART in europe). Connect the video OUT of the VHS to the Video IN of the DVD recorder or computer capture device. Do similar with the audio leads. The rest depends on the make and model of your DVD recorder, or the software you are using on a computer. Basically it can be done quite easily, but it has to be done in 'real time'. You play the tape normally and capture it on the device of your choice. Using a computer and editing software, you can do more with editing and adding effects and titles.

What video converter software is really good for converting VCR tape to a digital format?

From my research, there are many options for VHS to DVD conversion software. One option is the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD, which includes the necessary cables to connect a VHS player to the computer. Most software options I found also have hardware components included.

What is a S-VHS vcr?

S-VHS is super vhs a higher quality of the VHS format. It is a resolution of 560×480.

What was the first VHS made?

Sony made the first VHS system but opted out of it after they decided the beta format produced a better quality picture. They sold the rights to the VHS system to JVC who because of the VHS system's ability to put more video on a tape (at that time, 6 hors as compared to 4.5 for the beta tapes) eventually won the format wars. Sony later started putting out VHS machines and the rest is history.

Can you get digital photo frames that play home videos?

Yes, you just need to make sure it can play the file format your home videos are in. I'm assuming the videos are on computer, not on a VHS or Video 8 tape.

Where can one find information about converting VHS tapes into computer files?

VHS tapes can be converted to a Windows PC & DVD through the Video-2-PC website. But information as to how to perform this yourself can be found on YouTube under converting VHS to computer movie files.

How to transfer files from VHS or DVD recorder?

Transferring VHS tapes to DVD format is possible through the use of companies that do it professionally, or through specialized equipment that takes the information from a VHS tape, digitizes it on a computer, and then the information is burnable onto DVD.