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Answer 1Due to differences between natural gas and propane, they require differing amounts of gas supplied to the burner. This is controlled by the size of the opening where the gas goes into the burner. The mechanism for control is called an "ORIFICE," which usually is made of brass, and looks like a short, fat bolt, with a tiny hole at the center of the bolt head. The difference between the orifices for each gas is accomplished simply by varying the size of that hole.

There is a conversion kit that you can buy at the hardware store. It is fairly simple to do.

Typically it involves switching out orifices, which look like a short bolt with a hole in the middle. Take out the old, put in the new.

Answer 2I don't understand what you mean by "stove." If you refer to a space heater with ONE BURNER AND ONE CONTROL VALVE, then you only have to change ONE ORIFICE. BUT, if your are refering to a kitchen range or cookstove, then you will have to replace the orifice IN EACH BURNER, INCLUDING THE OVEN(S).

To make the conversion, you must install the proper sized orifice for the gas you will be using in the heater or stove. For the sake of simplicity, the following directions are for a single burner space heater. For a multi-burner heater, or a cook stove, make the change at each burner. To change an orifice:

1. Turn off the gas supply STOP valve [valve at the wall, to which the flexible metal gas line ("hose") is attached].

2. Disconnect the flexible gas line from heater inlet [usually on the ON-OFF control valve on the heater].

3. With an adjustable wrench, or an open end wrench, remove [counterclockwise] the heater's control valve. Located on the end opposite from where the gas line was attached, is the orifice [it looks like a brass pipe plug (hex head) with a small hole in the center of the hex head]. It is the size of this hole which determines the rate of gas flow.

4. Two wrenches will be required for this step. Using one wrench on the hex head of the orifice, and another wrench on the hex shoulder of the control valve, unscrew [counterclockwise] and remove the orifice from the valve. I recommend that ANY time you disassemble threaded devices, that you use a wire brush to CLEAN ALL THREADS, which will make reassembly easier.

5. Although not required by Code, apply three or four turns of Teflon thread seal tape to the "NEW" orifice threads.

6. Carefully by hand, so as NOT to crossthread, screw the new orifice into the valve body as far as possible.

7. Again using two wrenches, tighten the orifice into the valve body, clean the threads of the valve body, and apply a few turns of Teflon tape to those threads.

8. Fully hand thread the valve body back into the cast iron burner, and tighten with a wrench being careful, near the end, to stop when the control valve hand lever is on top.

9. Clean the hose coupling nipple threads on the valve and reconnect the metal "hose" [NO tape is required on these coupling threads].

10. Prepare a "test" solution of a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent in about half a cup of water. With a paintbrush, whip solution into a bubbly "froth."

11. Turn gas ON at the wall stop, and OFF at the heater control valve, and "paint" the soap froth onto all joints.

12. Watch for new/"growing" bubbles for a few minutes. If bubbles form, you have a leak, and must retighten the joint, or install Teflon tape. If there is NO CHANGE in the bubble layer, the joints are tight and the heater is ready to use.

Answer 3

Most new stoves have both orifices in the control valve. It is a matter of making sure you have the correct one in place. The gases have a different density which results in a different mass of gas being supplied to the burners.

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Can a propane bottle from a grill be hooked to a regular gas stove?

If the gas stove is propane you can hook it up; If it is natural gas you will have to convert the stove to proper natural gas orifices.

How do you convert a natural gas stove to propane?

to do this you switch it from natural gas to propane remove this answer, a tautology, no help at all

How do you convert a tappan stove from natural gas to propane?

to convert it you need to change the orifice

Is it safe to convert a gas stove to propane?

It is not safe to do this with a stove that was not designed for it.

What kind of energy does a gas stove use?

A gas stove uses natural gas or propane.

How do you convert a tappan oven stove from propane to natural gas? Go to this website and look for a propane to natural gas regulator. They sell them for $42.50.

How do you convert natural to propane gas stove?

You should be able to change the hose from the natural gas source to the propane source as long as you check to make sure its up to code per the manufacturers recomendations.

How to Convert natural gas to propane?

no ones going to answer To convert natural gas appliances to propane you have to change the orfices. Propane orfices are smaller or have smaller openings than natural gas orfices.

How do you convert gexl44 gas range to propane?

Go to your local hardware store and ask for an orifice to convert your stove from natural gas to propane. I am sure a salesperson will tell you how to install it if it doesn't come in a package with instructions.

How do you change from propane to natural gas on a ge stove?

You need a propane to natural gas orifice available at most hardware stores.

How do you convert your propane gas Bosch to natural gas?

I am wondering if you can convert the lp or propane gas to natural gas on a bosch tankless hotwater heater. I am guessing it has a different orfice and regulator

What gas does a stove use?

its fuel source is gas. Natural gas. or for a caping stove propane. you can buy the little cans at Longs/CVS.

Where can you buy Propane gas stove in Marshall MO?

There is technically no such thing as a propane gas stove. You would buy a gas stove, and then convert it to using propane with a propane conversion kit generally consisting of new burner orifaces Charlie's Appliance in Marshall is a good, reputable, factory-trained dealer. Give him a call.

How do you convert a furnace to propane or natural gas?

Change out the gas flow orifice size to propane and adjust the gas valve.

Can you convert a propane dryer to natural gas?

Yes, there is a kit you can get to replace the orifices of the natural gas.

Will natural gas stove light if set up for propane?

Yes as long as the conversion to propane has been made

How do you convert a grill from propane to natural gas?

change the air/gas ratio

Convert natural gas fireplace to a propane gas?

buy a new fireplace.

How do you convert a propane heater to natural gas?

It would be very difficult to convert a solid heater into a gas.

What gas is used in a gas stove?

natural Natural OR LP(Propane). Most come from factory set up for Natural but all can be converted to LP.

How do you covert raw natural gas coming from a well on your property to propane to burn in your car or fill a tank to transport?

You can't convert natural gas to propane because natural gas is methane and propane is what it says it is. Given that, there are Compressed Natural Gas cars, and if you get a natural gas compressor you can use it in a car.

How do i convert jenn-air range from propane to natural gas?

how do we get our gas range converted back to natural gas

Can you convert natural gas stove to wood burning?


How do you convert a stove from propane back to natural gas?

The change from one gas to another is model specific, but the difference is orifice size. Check with the specific stove manufacturer. In some instances, you may have to check the line pressure and use, remove or change the gas regulator.

What does an LP convertible range mean?

LP Convertible Gas Range means stove can be converted from natural gas to propane gas.