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Watts are the product of amps x volts.

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Q: How do you convert amps to watts?
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Convert amps to watts?

You can not simply convert amps to watts. Volts x Amps = Watts

37.5 amps converted in watts?

To convert amps into watts a voltage is needed. Watts = Amps x Volts.

Can you convert amps to watts?

Yes, if you know the voltage. Amps = Watts/Volts, Watts = Amps x Volts.

How do you convert amp into watts?

A Watt is the product of Amps x Volts = Watts. So before you can convert amps into watts you have to find out what volts you are dealing with.

How can you convert kw to amps?

watts = volts x amps kilowatt = 1000 watts

How many amps is 3000 watts?

You can only convert watts to amps if you quote the voltage

What is the formula to convert watts to amperes?

Amps * Watts = Volts OR, from high school algebra Amps = Volts/Watts

What is 0.011 in converting watts to amperes?

To convert watts to amps a voltage value must be given. Amps = Watts/Volts. Amps = .011/Volts.

How do you convert BTU to amps?

4400 watts converts to how many amps

How do i convert mA to watts?

1ma = .001amps watts = amps * volts

How to convert watts to amps?

divide by volts

Convert 9000 watts at 220 volts into amps?

The formula you are looking for is I = W/E. Amps = Watts/Volts.

How many amps are 1200 watts?

Amps are for measuring the current, while watts are for measuring power. You cannot convert watts into amps, nor can you find how many amps are in an object just by knowing the power of it.

How do you convert 2.6 kw to amps?

You cannot convert 2.6 kw to amps with that information only. In order to convert watts to amps, you also need to know either current or voltage. This is because watts is volts times amps, and volts is current times resistance

Is 17 watts 120 volts?

No. Watts = Volts x Amps Watts does not directly convert to volts.

How do you convert amps to kilowatts?

amps x voltage= watts divided by 1000 = kilowatts

How do you convert watts to volt amps?

By dividing the power in watts by the power factor of the load.

How many amps are a watt?

No.By which I mean: amps and watts are not just different units, they're different TYPES of units. You can't convert amps to watts without knowing the voltage (if you DO know the voltage, multiply volts by amps to get watts).

How many volts are there in 1 kw?

In order to answer this you need to convert 1kw to watts, and then convert watts to volts. Example: 1kw = 1000watts, so to find volts you need to know the amps and use the following formula: watts/amps = volts. Using 10 amps as an example, 1000 watts/ 10 amps= 100 volts. In this case there would be 100volts to 1kw.

How do you convert joules to amps?

joules/second = watts on a one-to-one basis. watts = volts X amps, or more appropriately to this question, amps = watts/volts. You would need to know both the wattage and the voltage of the system in question to "convert joules to amps." you know the wattage, since you know the joules(per second). just establish the voltage, and you can solve for amps.

How do you convert watt hour to amp hours?

Watt-hours are converted to amp-hours the same as converting watts to amps. You divide the watts by the voltage and the answer is the amps.

How do you convert hp to amps?

HP/.00134= Watts Then Watts divided by Volts = AMPS For expample. a .75 HP electric motor running on 220VAC uses 2.544 amps .75 / .00134 = 559.7015 Watts then 559.7015 / 220 = 2.544

How do you convert KVA to Watts on 3 phase?

1000 * volts * amps *sqroot(3) *cos(theta) = watts

Formula to figure out amps when you have watts and volts?

Amps = Watts divided by Volts. Volts = Watts divided by Amps. Watts = Volts times Amps.

How many amps are in a fifty thousand Watt taset?

You cannot convert watts to amps, since watts are power and amps are coulombs per second (like converting gallons to miles). However, if you have at least least two of the following three: amps, volts or watts then the missing one can be calculated. Since watts are amps multiplied by volts, there is a simple relationship between them.