How do you convert by halakah?

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2015-01-28 03:02:48

"By halakha" means that the convert must be sincere, must intend

to keep the laws of Judaism, and must have the complete conversion

with study, with ritual immersion, and circumcision. See below.

Judaism does not proselytize or seek converts, but it does

accept sincere converts.

Conversion is a life-changing and very serious undertaking and a

potential convert should think it over carefully. It must not be

done on a whim or because of temporary circumstances. One who

converts is expected (from then on) to live as a Jew.

The first step would be, without outside help or influence, to get

to know about Judaism. The person who felt interested should hang

around a Jewish community in order to get a sense of whether Jews

and Judaism as it is actually lived appeal to him/her. Also to do

some reading. English-language books on Jewish thought and life can

be found in Hebrew bookstores.

After that, the interested person would approach a Rabbi and ask

about enrolling in a relevant formal course of study. This can last

for several years and is an integral part of the process, since

he/she will have to actually practice the religion.

Once that is completed, the convert immerses in a mikveh (ritual

immersion); and, for uncircumcised males, undergoes


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