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Divide length by 3 (convert feet into yards), divide width by 3 (convert feet into yards) and multiply the results.


Multiply length (in feet) by width (in feet) to the area (in sq feet) and divide by 9 (convert sq feet to sq yards).

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multiplying the length of the yard times the width

Linear yards only takes into account the length, square yards is the length multiplied by the width. You could arrive at an answer by calculating the square root of 2500 which is 50

Multiply the length of yards by the width of yards. That will give you the square yards.

You cannot convert length nor width to yards. The length and width need t be measured in some units such as inches, feet, miles, metres, etc. You can convert from one unit of length to another using an appropriate conversion factor.

You cannot convert square yards to yards. If you have a real quadratic square with an area of 4800 square yards, then you can calculate one side length as the square root of 4800. The square of 4800 sqare yards has a side length of 69.2820323 yards.

This conversion would be impossible. As a general rule, converting from like terms to like terms is the only way one unit of measurement can be converted into another form. In the example from the question: Convert 1 yd3 to 1 ft2 Three separate measurements (length, width and height) are to be converted into two separate measurements (length and width, or length and height, or width and height) In each case, there would be a measurement left out from the original unit of measurement (length, width or height, depending on which two were converted). If, however, the question were proposed "How to convert square yards to square feet" or "How to convert cubic yards to cubic feet", then both units of measurement would be the same (i.e. length and width, or length width and height) Because of the ambiguity of the question, the conversion factors for square yards to square feet and cubic yards to cubic feet will be given: Square yards to square feet conversion: 1 yd2 = 9 ft2 Square feet to square yards conversion: 1 ft2 = .111 yd2 Cubic yards to cubic feet conversion: 1 yd3 = 27 ft3 Cubic feet to cubic yards conversion: 1 ft3 = .037037 yd3

If the area has 56 yards, then the question is defective. "Yard" is a unit of length, not area.If the area is 56 square yards and the length is 8 yards, then the width is 7 yards.

Multiply the length times the width.

For area measurements, you multiply the length by the width. Here the calculation gives you an answer of 988 square feet. Divide by 9 to get 109.78 square yards.

Area = Length x Width so... 4 yards x 3 yards = 12 square yards

A square yard is a unit of area. A linear foot is a unit of distance. The two units are therefore incompatible.As long as you know the width you can convert square yards to linear feet. The formula I use is this... Linear feet = ((36SY)/w)/3. SY= square yards, w=width in inches. Many say you cannot convert a measyre of area to a measure of length, but as long as you know the width you can.

The other two answers are people who have no clue what they are talking about. A linear yard is not a measurement of length. It is a measurement of area in certain industries. What is actually means is that only one of the dimensions is a yard. The other dimension varies. They are right that you can't convert between them. You have to know what the other dimension is. However, they are not right in thinking that they are two different things.AnswerSquare yards and linear yards measure two different things (area and length) so it is not possible to convert between the two. AnswerSquare yards and linear yards measure two different things (area and length) so it is not possible to convert between the two. That is true but if you know how many yards of fabric you have and the width ( in inches) you can convert to sq yards.yards X (width in inches)/36 = square yards

It could be: length 3 yards and width 54 yards, OR length 6 yards and Width 27 yards. All you have to do is think of it this way: If the area is 162 square yards, what two numbers multiplied together equal 162?

Multiply width by length to get the area. The answer would be 216 square yards.

First you have to know how many square feet are in the room. (Length and width). Then go on google, type "convert square feet into square yards" AND go on a website, enter the number and VOLÍA!

The length is 200 yards and the width is 48 yards.length + width = 248 yards, and length = (4 x width) + 8 yards.substituting (4 x width) + 8 yards for length,(4 x width) + 8 yards + width = 248 yards;simplifying, width = 240/5 yards = 48 yards;then length = 248 - 48 yards = 200 yards

Let the length be (2x+75) and the width be x: length*width = area in square yards (2x+75)*x = 4050 2x2+75x-4050 = 0 Solving the above quadratic equation works out as: x = -67.5 or x = 30 it must be the latter because dimensions can't be negative. Therefore: length = 135 yards and width = 30 yards Check: 135*30 = 4050 square yards

None. Cubic yards are three dimentional (length x width x height). Square feey are two dimentional (length x width).

You cannot convert square feet, a measure of area, into yards, a measure of length. However, you can convert feet into yards and square feet into square yards, and I am sure you would find an exact conversion chart on the internet easily.

That is impossible. A yard is a measure of length or distance and a square yard belongs to an area. If it means that 17285 yards is the side length of a real square, then the area is 298771225 square yards.

The formula for determining square yards is... length times width divided by 9 = square yards

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